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Volume 22 Issue 7 April 7 2003


USB drive adds MP3 ability

Auto-parts company designs security keyboard

Samsung's R225 is light on its feet

This LCD monitor gets on the plasma trail

The lowdown on software programs

Tools to put the wheels on EA


Post-war telecom in Iraq: CDMA or GSM?

DOD re-ups satellite comm contract

Behind digital battlefield lies digital logistics chain

Task force seeks more access to supercomputers

Agencies must reach out to citizens on their data privacy concerns, experts say

IT blueprint gives TSA a foundation

TSP system gears up for mid-June launch

HSD readies antiterror watch list

GAO recommends oversight for DOD business systems upgrade

Medics tap patient data

Brass: Networked sensors power war

CTOs emerge as IT hubs for agencies

Online Extra: CTOs

Quantico Marines first to join Navy's intranet

Defense rule pushes online billing

Border analyses by GIS could untangle Indian trust fund assets

Forman assures a House panel that e-gov is making progress


Crossword: Pieces of the homeland puzzle

Packet Rat: Quel odeur! The Rat smells, well, a rat

Editorial Cartoon

By the numbers

Another View: Navy's network services buy pays off

Data headaches


EOS watches Iraq smoke plumes

Rugged gear goes with GIs to Iraqi desert

Wireless LANs join Marines in the war zone

Handheld and portable PCs speed war data

Military families can access free war-watch site

Army fields DMS for use in Middle East

Dashboard PCs show real-time troop positions


Help desk suite speeds response

PeopleSoft portal has single sign-on access

SAN switches add ports on demand

@Info.Policy: Scrub-a-dub isn't always smart Web policy

High-end system buys boost labs

Civil law might beat criminal law at protecting IT

GSM wireless phone can safeguard top secrets

Cyber Eye: Consider thanking hackers for security

Healthy Records