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Volume 22 Issue 8 April 21 2003


The lowdown on ERP

ERP spins into the front office

Lab rates five superfast clients (with expanded product chart detail)


Online extra: Legal impediments to data sharing

DOD rushes C2 updates for war

D.C.'s IT has come a long way

Business cases bolster contracts

Best new technologies earn honors at show

CIO Council's subcommittees help OMB vet EA policies

Enterprise architects share tips for sound framework

Homeland Security starting over with Safecom

Group creates color-coded index for privacy threats

E-Authentication is ready to go live

New DOD guide lays out plan for IT transformation

Agencies will use common metrics to track finances

Who has the information you need?

Wireless speeds EMS crews' paperwork

INS lab tracks down the unusual suspects

The Army goes wireless on the battlefield to give logistics support

Ex-feds: White House needs cybersecurity chiefs


Cryptogram: Positrons on the brain

Packet Rat: If only tax returns were rocket science

Editorial Cartoon


Letters to the Editor

Doing what's fair


New rugged notebooks get tougher: biorugged

DISA monitors C2 net traffic in battle zones

The Air Force signs contract for IM license

Quirk is new chief of signals intelligence

Council's white papers cover architectures

Free listings for open-source project guide

NSA works on high-speed cryptography

Researchers try visual area networking


Air Force blades slice PC support time

Internaut: Privacy trade-offs could build more tolerance for TIA

Scientists test wider use of IP

NEC upgrades, speeds up fault-tolerant server

Power User: Ounce of assessment is worth pounds of missed security cures

Wireless at West Point