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Volume 23 Issue 2 January 26 2004


Try out this app to wipe PCs of unwanted files

Size does matter in files

Latest WinBook's a good deal

Finally, an OCR app that doesn't disappoint

The lowdown on financial apps

Better on balance


Online extra: Congress keeps an eye on FTS

Online extra: DHS setting up support systems

Navy lab champions just-in-time optical routing for efficient use of high-performance networks

State's homegrown buying system spans the globe

GSA finalizes plans for $150b systems services GWAC

FTS buying abuses tied to poor training

Collins wants list of 'good' schools

DHS plan for consolidating back-office apps emerges

AF command right-sizes its inboxes

FAA clears rollout of net backbone

Sun embraces desktop Linux

Don't worry, Unix isn't past its prime'yet


Personal Space: Grace note'

Packet Rat: The Rat rover strays off course

Editorial Cartoon


Another View: Infrastructure matters'really, it does

Get more with less


Border agents sharpen skills

DOD adds tools to suite for collaboration

IBM-Linux combo gets security boost

Fed aids banks on code to deter counterfeiting

Treasury ready to recompete TCS network

U.S., Europe squabble over GPS spectrum

IPv6 could get wider use in the government

OPM sets rules for IT job swaps with industry


Power User: In '04: better XP, WiFi; more spam

Lackland adds fiber to its blade diet

Internaut: Government shouldn't break its privacy promises

Security efforts misguided, experts say

They've got answers