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Volume 23 Issue 21 August 2 2004


Desktops blaze new trails

The lowdown on 10-Gigabit Ethernet switches and routers

Up to speed


HHS offers funds to boost use of IT

XML standards battle is brewing over Navy's data-sharing plans

Colorado city switches protocols to keep vehicles on track

Slice of the spectrum

System problem shortchanges Canadian checks

Changes afoot for mobile computing's Achilles' heel

In a mesh network, adding nodes multiplies its strength

Mobile IP could liberate network-bound computers

WiMax aims to expand the reach of wireless networks

Modernization begins to gain ground at IRS

9/11 panel's report prompts a fresh look at IT reforms

Hill moves reflect e-gov's lower profile

What's next for wireless nets


Packet Rat: Dr. StrangeGoogle or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog

'Did you hear...'

Personal space: Beachbound

Editorial Cartoon


Another view: In search of the perfect client

Software dividends


IRS cracks down on PDA use

Dell overhauls its venerable server line

GSA's FTS will merge several of its offices

CIO Council and OMB define a project manager

Ag awards EDS $93m contract for e-travel

HP handheld joins up with more networks

Conferees OK Defense Dept. appropriations

NIST wants to phase out DES for encryption


@Info.Policy: Is there privacy after death?

Experts want supercomputing resources pooled

How the Navy times its weather forecast computing workload

Cyber Eye: E-voting really needs standards

Who's who