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Volume 23 Issue 28 September 20 2004


Smallest PowerBook is portable but heavy

Good things come in even smaller packages

The lowdown on network monitoring tools

Fine-tuned control


Programs test ID technologies

TSA site lets travelers check wait time

Complexity slows FAA Delphi rollout

FAA tool offers bird's-eye view of staff

Different bills, same topic

Hill, administration draft terror panel response

Army negotiates network deal a year ahead of schedule

SBA attributes agency 'greening' to better management, accountability

Council sets $35m plan for e-acquisition in '06

Air Force deals forge service standards for IT

GPO's permanent press

Five lines-of-business projects are under way

OMB to call for shared finance and HR apps

Power of the portal


Packet Rat: The Rat has a close solar encounter

Personal space: Router racer'

Editorial Cartoon


Another View: Sad state of affairs for small business

Selling e-gov


NIST gathers evidence on forensics tools for PDAs

Unisys to help DOD with health care records

GAO warns to look before you leap into PKI

NIH has $144m to fund cancer nanotech R&D

Bills to revert to old A-76 attract Bush veto threat

OPM employees win A-76 bid for IT at Ga. center

OMB: Agencies need policies on file sharing


You'd better shop around for VPNs

Topeka turns the tide on spam

Power User: Horror story -- security update eats custom settings

Internaut: Four trends drive government network spending

State Dept. OKs biometric passports

From e-forms to workflow

Paper Cut