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Volume 23 Issue 3 February 9 2004


DisplayMate benchmarks project the best and the worst in DLPs

Tiny DLPs are powerhouse image projectors

USGS library puts data reserves on tap

The lowdown on the DVD jukebox

What's on the jukebox? Everything


Data warehouse aids fraud cops

Online extra: White House backs joint projects on health care, bioterror detection

Online extra: OMB looks to ordering fees to cover E-Gov Fund shortfall

Online extra: Congress rebuffs E-Gov Fund, centralized hiring site in '04 spending

Online extra: OMB makes IT security a priority

DOD takes a page from the Patriots' playbook

MyDoom worm leaves a legacy

OMB looks to the next cycle

How major IT projects made out, by agency

Some security analysts cast a 'no' vote on Defense's online absentee voting system

Huge troop shuffle will strain logistics systems

Flash: Software wings its way to Mars rovers

GAO finishing up degrees audit

President Bush's 2005 proposal would amount to 1 percent bump

DHS systems set to get spending raise

Online extra: Defense budget focuses on transformation


Personal space: Orange bowl

Packet Rat: One good spam deserves another

Editorial Cartoon


Another View: At OMB, green does not always mean go

Livin' lean


DHS seeks vendor for secure network

OPM prepares to expand online learning

FirstGov's FAST search engine to get faster

Pentagon taps EMC to help with renovation

NIST releases draft guide on authentication

Gateway goes for low-end PC sales in govt.

Virginia libraries will stamp out their ink stamps

NSF's TeraGrid network is off and running


Online extra: Virtual reality helps NASA plot rovers' Mars research

In-Q-Tel buys monitoring app

@Info.Policy: Can FTC really can spam?

XML how-to: First of all, never cross your authors

ONI counts on defense-in-depth, redundancy for its nets

USDA centralizes online user ID authentication

L.A. suburb dials up VOIP, reaches cost savings

Air Force tracks work online

Cyber Eye: Online ballot warnings should be heeded

HHS usability guidelines for Web sites