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Volume 23 Issue 31 October 25 2004


All eyes (and hands) on biometrics

The lowdown on Section 508

Setting sites on Section 508


E-voting rollout is slow going

Feds fear offshore outsourcing, while contractors fear a backlash

Two views on competitive sourcing

Breakdown of DHS' IT funding for 2005

VA smart-card rollout begins with a trickle

Expect some changes in the ranks of appointees

Ethernet over phone lines catches on

Union officials say A-76 protest language is too watered down

Hill backs off on provision to ban Defense schedule buys

Congress OKs Defense spending'with IT caveats

GAO to investigate OMB's IT project at-risk list

Global grid will have data assurance 'baked in'

Industry lobbies for cybersecurity job to get higher profile within DHS

Homeland Security CIO gains clout, funding

Keeping data sources confidential

From his lips: George W. Bush

From his lips: John Kerry

Trick or Treat


Packet Rat: Rat wonders what gives with the cyberczar hot seat

Personal space: Corvette Central

'Did you hear...'

Edtiorial cartoon


Another View: RFID tags secure vital hardware

Again, a choice


Coviello: Feds must take security lead

DOT IG flags cybersecurity improvements

IG says IRS' Unix systems need audit trail

Energy widens scope of R&D search engine

Accounting agency group endorses XBRL

Agency cluster use may double in two years

Agencies now eligible for Baldrige award


Safecom makes its presence felt

D.C. enters battle for radio spectrum

@Info.Policy: Census Bureau stumbles over DHS request

Cyber Eye: Dueling proposals for improving cybersecurity

Mesh network comes up aces in Vegas

Intel is doing its own WiFi testing

Secure at Last?