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Volume 23 Issue 4 February 23 2004


Database dressing: Find a program tailored for you

The lowdown on a blade server

A cut above


Online extra: States weigh offshore outsourcing limits

IRS turns up pressure on main contractor

VA scampers to stay ahead of viruses

Web portal, other initiatives lie ahead

NMCI leaders point to progress ...

Census data could change affirmative action plans

New law will curb offshoring of federal IT work

Davis: Use Ed. rules to spot bogus degrees

On-the-fly systems pass first real test in Senate

DHS cybersecurity czar sees some progress in preparing for attacks

OMB snaps purse closed for new IT

Putting play to work: Agencies find creative new uses for online games

Army discipline applied to rules

VPN pays off for Army


Personal space: Road warrior

Packet Rat: The Rat seeks shelter from the storm

'Did you hear...'

Editorial Cartoon

Another View: IT exchange program has potential for payoff

Limitations of IT


Online extra: Contractors assemble U.S. Visit teams

Space panel seeks Web input

DOD pulls plug on Internet voting overseas

DHS will be shopping at DOD's EMall

Seattle settles on Gateway PCs as its standard

EDS halts all HITS transition work for HUD

Day care info mistakenly posted on Web

DHS unveils its top eight 2004 IT priorities

USDA brews up plan for coffee trade e-receipts


Agencies rescue camper with aid of satellite beacon

FedSource replaces travel with e-meetings

Forman touts IT as commodity

Systems chiefs praise EA focus

GAO: Agencies could fight fires better with shared architecture

Congress mulls more help for wireless E911

Global registry of product ID numbers serves the military and private sectors

Tag, you're it: Defense pushes RFID to vendors

Rights management needs policies

Internaut: What's WiMax? Wireless with a 30-mile range

TIGER app tames paper

Power User: Prime-time wireless for small offices? Not quite

Park Service turns to animation in the flash