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Volume 23 Issue 5 March 8 2004


Small-foot iMac has a lot of kick

Aces of space beat a full house

The lowdown on malware

Dangers in disguise


DHS tactical network begins nationwide use

Data-sharing projects begin to gel

Agencies improve IT security, but there's still work left to do

Feds propose security standards

OPM's path to green paved by IT security

OMB to demand more detailed business cases

JFMIP certifies PeopleSoft 8.8 for government

OMB sets SmartBuy action plan

Find ready-made enterprise pieces at CORE.gov

Old DOD net is key to new global grid

Breaking point

Online Extra: OMB is defining final phase for e-gov projects


Personal space: Footwork

Packet Rat: Rat rolls his own version of an e-mailer ID

Editoral Cartoon


Another View: Good decision-making needs good IT

Stop the tide?


GSA tinkers with Networx plan

Three agencies combine biotech regs on portal

OMB task groups will analyze HR and financial IT

GSA establishes team to improve Web site design

Justice set to award network contracts soon

Net-centric plan will cost $200b, Boeing exec says

FAA awards $140m deal to aid TMA rollout

SBC first vendor to gain FTS 2001 crossover deal


VA offers IT buying services to agencies

FEMA frets about power line broadband

Command unifies Unix, Windows inventories

@Info.Policy: An inch closer to a privacy disaster

Hybrid software deflects attackers with guile

Library of Congress plans new film, video portal

Cyber Eye: Entrepreneurs seek market in Can-Spam compliance

Big Apple

Gimme Shelter