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Volume 23 Issue 6 March 22 2004


HomeLAN defense

The lowdown on power notebook PC

High-speed travelers


FOSE puts the 'e' into everything

Other finalists for Best New Technology Awards at FOSE

Online Extra: Agencies uneasy about move to governmentwide financial systems

Online Extra: Grand Challenge Wrapup

Judges' Award: Defensor software provides mobile base security

Display devices: InFocus sheds new light on ease-of-use issues for projectors

Enterprise Application Software: For Web development projects, Studio MX is the stuff of dreams

Judges' Award: This portable is in a league of its own

Security Products'Hardware: Kanguru's little device gives you sleight of hand security

Storage products: Exabyte leaps forward with autoloader backup

Desktop Clients: Profile 5's small size fits all

Robot rally puts the pitfalls of autonomous vehicles on display

DARPA enters uncharted network territory

OMB clarifies federal lines of business

Judge again orders Interior to take systems offline

Hill to DHS: Fix border databases

GSA awards second SmartBuy deal

Stenbit explains DOD IT spending to lawmakers

1,500 jobs up for grabs at Energy, NASA

Enough coddling'OMB demands results from IT

DOD to vendors: Join PKI system or take a hike

Handheld Clients: For users, BlackBerry's features look big

Network Hardware: Dell sets a new low (price) for high speed

Portable Computers: MPC T3000 is in touch with security needs

Peripherals: HP system writes a new chapter in forms automation

Security products'software: With UltraBac, recovery is good as Gold

Best in show & enterprise systems software: Qovia helps make VOIP systems ring true

Winners break new ground


'Did you hear...'

Personal space: For the birds

Packet Rat: Rodent Avatar Techie reinvents acronyms

Editorial Cartoon


Another View: Good good guys or bad good guys?

Unproven entity


E-filing bolsters IRS enforcement

GSA prepares for follow-on to FedBizOpps

D.C. to create public-safety command post

NIH unifies its grants software under J2EE

DHS to require interoperability to get grants

Cancer network to speed sharing of research data

Lawmaker seeks agency FISMA accountability


Power User: Mapping software, hardware deliver on promises

NASA tests WiFi mesh networks

Internaut: Being smart's up to you

New Energy supercomputing program focuses on biology

Network tools stake out new defenses

Wrong packets stick out like sore thumbs

Hasta la vista, attacks