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Volume 23 Issue 9 April 26 2004


Black and white does all right

The lowdown on e-records management

Managing the deluge


GSA seeks vendor input for next set of e-gov projects

Interagency radio pilot hits airwaves in Seattle

Iraq war shows 'the need for speed' in software deployment

DOD considers creation of a national high-assurance lab for software security

At last, Defense issues wireless rules

GSA offers few details on Networx, its successor to FTS 2001

BIA bolsters security with new network center

FAA slows down display system deployment

Lack of funding grounds IT upgrades at TSA

Army warns soldiers about pesky diploma mills

Hill sets plans for confronting diploma mill problem

Need for hierarchies makes taxonomy an essential ingredient in content management

Think of content like laundry

Capturing Content

DOD to shelve GCCS, roll out new system


Personal space: Flagger

Packet Rat: Rat scurries to survive patch madness

Editorial Cartoon


Another View: Not so fast with Recruitment One-Stop

Et tu, Mac?


Yellowstone cams aim for low-impact access

Project Safecom going nowhere fast, GAO says

DISA adds fiber vendors to the GIG-BE program

Study reveals more contract ills at GSA

Basic is better, new IT security report says

Agencies get more time to list their software

GAO: Workers have no role in A-76 protests


Some NASA software could soon be open-source

@Info.Policy: Protecting data about infrastructures could be too big a task

Federal law hasn't stopped spammers from spamming

Popkin's System Architect follows federal EA model

FAA considers commercial satellites for traffic control

Cyber Eye: Educated users are still the best defense

Siren central