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Volume 24 Issue 17 July 5 2005


The lowdown on ERM

Everything's on the record

Dual-core? What dual-core?


Army plan requires 'ruthless configuration management'

Feds' next challenge: targeted data attacks

Administration gets behind IPv6, sets 2008 target

New security threats reshape agencies' info-sharing tactics

Protest puts FedBizOpps upgrade in limbo

Honeynets provide sweet temptations to hackers

A DOD cyberplan aims to attract hackers like bees

Data sharing makes Southeast better prepared

EA payoff expected in 2007 budget plans

Ready for the storm

House follows committee's lead on DOD, cuts FCS

2006: Flat funding, with strings attached


The Community: Ellen Glover takes the lead at IAC

Packet Rat: PTO's IT budget could be the mother of all invention

Editorial Cartoon

Another View" Using past performance to steer contract awards

EDITOR'S DESK: Data heists: Compliance remains the weakest link


FAA system stays ATOP oceanic-flight safety, tracking

DOD extends contract for video hubs

DOD goal: Boost DISN bandwidth up to 10 Gbps

IG pans DHS' plans for IT recovery

Navy signs $5m automated warehouse deal

New bill would aid municipal broadband nets

GSA adds Lee to its new FAS acquisition team

Justice served with task order for IT services

Ag will upgrade IT at its Farm Service Agency

California will revisit RFID restrictions

State, NIST disagree on biometrics

FBI readies rollout of data exchange


Internaut: Fiddling while the Net burns

Telecom services gain critical mass

GCN INSIDER: Good code, secure code; Security compliance in action; No Flash in the pan

Do you know what you know?