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Volume 24 Issue 2 January 24 2005


The lowdown on Power PCs

Speed where you need it

ClientPro 414 sets new all-in-one standard

Latest Symantec suite fine-tunes PC security

Rugged notebooks don't leave speed behind


IT-laden weapons systems face cuts in '06

Case management and Carnivore both on life support at FBI

NSA looks to informatics to connect dots

Tribal companies' edge stirring a backlash?

NARA Web site harvest yields 75 million pages

Terrorist information-sharing plan awaits Bush's approval

Red Hat pushes for Linux in federal market

Memo indicates deal on SmartBuy Oracle license is near

Payment compliance system will target tax deadbeats

IRS takes bold step, mandates e-filing of corporate returns

Rx for success


Packet Rat: The Rat iFantasizes about the Mac mini

Virtual Space: CNN for the DOD

'Did you hear...'

Editorial Cartoon

Another View: Is the administration's e-gov game all talk?

EDITOR'S DESK: Do protests need their own line item?


People on the Move

House homeland security panel to cover cybersecurity

IT brain drain continues at DHS

Is there a great IT leader at your agency?

IT security trips up two agencies on scorecard

FCC will begin federal spectrum auctions in '06

Forest Service will revisit rec site bids

OMB report says A-76 is still paying off

Report: Expect 38 percent hike in e-gov spending

Lieberman asks for more sensor buoys in oceans

Justice wireless net approaches the starting gate

NIST offers some cautions on using VOIP


Internaut: Don't get complacent on e-government

Sun Ray 170 pushes ultrathin-client computing

Will Solaris make Sun rise?

Intel branches out

GCN INSIDER: trends and technologies that affect the way government does IT

Lights, camera, capture