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Volume 24 Issue 20 July 25 2005


The lowdown on storage management software

Making sense of storage

Write on this: Tablet PCs grow up


DOD counts on interoperable systems as the key to domestic defense strategy

Losing bidder tries to KO Army's AKO portal award

Cybersecurity plans wait for DHS to complete its evaluation of threats

Draft bill continues reshuffling

Reconfiguring DHS

NMCI takes on enterprisewide spam

GCN Special Report: Security ID card deployment faces choppy waters

Port Insecurity: special report second of two parts

Port Insecurity Special Report: Points of entry

U.S. faces a yawning gap over enthusiasm for IPv6

Senate is expected to restore health IT funds

DHS pilots RFID system to speed border crossings


The Community: On the agenda

PACKET RAT: Patches in the pipeline send the Rat to the breaking point

Editorial Cartoon

Another View: Transition'job opportunities on the horizon

EDITOR'S DESK: Transportation security imbalance


GAO: Security flaws due to management

Agencies get more choices from GoLearn

New FISMA standard is out for comments

NWS award will shore up buoy network


Put a cell tower in the hallway

Who's Who in In-building Wireless

More Promising Practices in Wireless

With wireless, it's good to learn from others

Internaut: Apps, not access, drive city wireless programs

GCN INSIDER: BlackBerry meets VOIP; Mobile power to the people

A menu of Bluetooth attacks

Hacking Bluetooth