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Volume 24 Issue 21 August 1 2005


Switch to the Future

Videoconferencing gets rugged

Is it Live or WebEx?


Army halts AKO work until GAO rules on protests

Talk radio

Agencies making little progress against cybervandalism

GAO says Defense comes up short on its EA efforts

The wait for smart-card guidance leaves some projects in limbo

Texas bets on a unified infrastructure

Florida gives up on consolidation, at least for now

Two states, two directions on IT

GAO urges better audit oversight of GSA contracts

DHS reshapes border technology plan

Officials to use employee plan to push health IT standards

Interior officials accused of covering up IT security flaws

PMA yields turnaround at mismanaged agencies


PACKET RAT: Pay for performance vs. the devil you know

Personal space: Ongoing tour

'Did you hear...'

Editorial Cartoon

Another View: Appelate court dishes up new flavor of tort

EDITOR'S DESK: The best way to share intelligence


People on the Move

NARA's e-records project is set for award

VA is almost ready to buy Peaches 3

DHS personnel system buy draws Hill ire

Senate drops restrictions on e-gov funding

Feds want disks that are able to last 40 years

Bush may veto DOD bill

NOAA plans to consolidate its IT support

DHS deploys secret state and local net

Spy agencies working on data standard

DHS IG sees Buy American Act difficulties

E-debit card reduces food stamp errors


IP in the sky

Wireless 2006: Gaining momentum

Want wireless security? Hack yourself

Clip and save: Tips for a secure WLAN

Airtight WiFi 101