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Volume 24 Issue 25 August 29 2005


Authentication with a personal touch

Xythos suite simplifies document sharing

Not all portables have Intel inside


Tech-heavy Fort Monmouth slated to close after BRAC vote

Proactive anti-terrorism

Troubleshooting telecom security

No easy way out for Treasury in TCE decision

Copyright's IE-only site catches heat

Justice, FBI to overhaul fingerprint and case management systems

DOD plans to recognize more than just fingerprints

Standard issue

Army to focus on getting apps out to more users

System breach draws attention in Congress


NMCI's mobile users pick up more speed

OMB to put private sector in play on Lines of Business

OMB will sharpen reviews of agency health IT spending


Fuel for thought

'Did you hear...'

PACKET RAT: They who control ports can keep the worms at bay

SOUND OFF: Cartoon

Say What?

Executive Suite: On leap hour, IT logic should trump tradition

EDITOR'S DESK: Penny-pinching still proves costly at DHS

Rep. Bennie Thompson | To protect the U.S., DHS needs secure systems

Reader Survey: Pay for performance

Sen. Susan M. Collins | Security Technology Can't Ignore Civil Liberties


People on the Move

In Brief


Internaut: The time is now to build business intelligence

Arizona hears the call of IP telephony

Power User: Licensed to Drive Windows?

Controlled Chaos


Reorganization would shake up IT

Agencies look to sharpen their data mining skills

Where the data meets the road

United front

DHS formulates nine themes for its R&D efforts

DHS limps on cybersecurity, fails on IT security

DHS performs an uneasy balancing act

Pinning hopes on ITP

Special Report: DHS' Double Duty

Core Projects: DHS builds its foundation on IT initiatives