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Volume 24 Issue 31 October 24 2005


RFP checklist

Behind every good e-Gov program ...

Mobile computing: Rugged on a budget

Storage management: It's a RAID

Storage management: Crossing those Ts


The 2005 GCN Gala: Innovators who march to their own drums take their awards in stride

The essentials of computer forensics

Computer forensics: On the cutting edge

Fighting cybercrime on a shoestring budget

Text-to-speech app gives police a virtual partner

Defense authorization bill still stuck in the Senate

White House, Congress at odds over the Defense spending bill

DOD creates new office to manage business systems

Cyber Storm takes a back seat to real storms

DHS, flush with 2006 funds, maps out major procurements

Getting a grip on internal controls

FISMA provides a model for agency financial compliance

Agencies struggling with identity controls


Virtual Space: Mouse clicks to help you get in shape

'Did you hear...'

PACKET RAT: If they take your personal info but can't find it, do you really exist?

Editorial cartoon

Another View: Voice over IP overcomes its doubters

EDITOR'S DESK: When to pull the plug


People on the Move

Federal, private-sector CIOs mostly alike

House bill gives VA's CIO power over IT budget

Energy IG flags cybersecurity flaws at FERC

GAO praises e-rulemaking project's work

OMB issues guidance on A-76 reports


Cybereye: Don't neglect the perimeter in your rush to secure data

Ask the Professor: Reconfigurable Computing

Reconfigurable chips could accelerate HPC

Sendmail Inc.'s Sentrion appliance: All-in-one e-mail security

Sarnoff Corp.'s TerraSight surveillance suite: The bird's-eye view

Altiris Inc.' Software Virtualization Solution: Software you don't have to load

IDS vs. IPS: Experts say use both

Betting on Security