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Volume 24 Issue 6 March 21 2005


The lowdown on AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon processors

Best of both worlds

Software recovers deleted photos

Latest notebooks chase desktop PC performance


Oversight board: IRS '06 budget will curtail IT efforts

Administration needs more time on e-passport rollout, DHS official says

New secretary plots realignment at DHS

GSA list will aid smart-card buys

Defense, GSA and other agencies offer help with common ID cards

Defense follows the EA leader

Geographic profile on the way for Federal Enterprise Architecture

DHS, HUD take first swing at HR service providers

Government Reform looks into rules on contracts to Alaska Native companies

Philadelphia Free-for-all

Defense spends big to save big

New cybersecurity team meets this week


PACKET RAT: Rat busts a move with Microsoft and AOL

The community: Feds debate where cyber and security meet

'Did you hear...'

Editorial Cartoon

Another view: E-passports need security upfront, not later

EDITOR'S DESK: Uncommon chance at a common language


People on the Move

GSA assesses security for federal credit card data

NIST signs on to Microsoft security plan

GSA sets May 31 deadline for draft overhaul plan

Three agencies missed the E-Travel boat

GAO fears info gaps will delay Networx rollout

GAO has its doubts that FSS offers best prices

Agencies bypass FTS in favor of GWAC vendors

GCN homeland security issue wins award

OMB: 2004 was a good year for e-gov

Users less pleased with federal sites

SSA braces for baby boomer, Medicare data


Internaut: Municipal wireless programs take planning

Census Bureau runs VOIP over upgraded, high-quality network

GCN INSIDER: Trends and technologies that affect the way government does IT

Calling all networks