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Volume 24 Issue 7 April 4 2005


The lowdown on antivirus software

Lines of defense

How we tested: GCN Lab partners with network analysts

Security appliances keep mail stream clean


HUD reduces errant rental subsidies by centralizing access to wage data

Feds: GSA reorg must yield real benefits

New strategy calls on Defense to streamline IT

Changes delay GSA's Networx RFPs

OMB urges use of shared-services approach to telecom via Networx

Despite a bumpy first ride, San Diego goes for a second-generation outsourcing deal

The IRS wants its money'electronically

New subcontracting system will help track IT spending

Defense provides new business modernization plan to Congress

Government IT gets star treatment at FOSE

Pennsylvania plans first-response GIS

DHS steps up efforts to integrate geospatial apps

White House floats policy on privacy that straddles lawmakers' opposing views

Payments efforts get own PMA scorecard

OMB to agencies: Bump up IT use to get control of payments


Packet Rat: Rat writes off podcasting as ready to push up daisies

Virtual space: Just the facts, ma'am

Editorial Cartoon

Letters to the editor

EDITOR'S DESK: Time to confront the elephant in the room


Retirement isn't affecting IT skills so far

Panel calls for more R&D on cybersecurity

IRS plans to modernize its Web services

GSA, OPM cast another lure for teleworkers

GAO slams SEC protection of sensitive data

Most of EU will miss e-passport deadline

NIST offers new guide on HIPAA security

Grants.gov team mulls awards database

Pentagon takes over 21 major Air Force buys

Latest projection has IT budget on upward trend

Collins says she'll monitor GSA schedule effort


Eye in the sky (or on the floor)

Cyber Eye: National ID standards could create 'ID theft kit'

Power User: The Windows XP SP2 bell finally tolls

Also this week at FOSE...

Chip giant touts wireless nets

Whither research?

Government R&D dollars pay dividends

GCN INSIDER: Trends and technologies that affect the way government does IT

Application management

Show & tell