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Volume 25 Issue 01 January 9 2006

Editor's Desk

EDITOR'S DESK: Resolve to let go

Another View

ANOTHER VIEW: Boomers need to leave a workforce legacy


Made in the shade: multifunction printers


Online Extra: Data cleaning 101

Online Extra: Useful links about data

Online Extra: VA enhances patient identity matching

ITAA's Miller considers Senate run

People on the move

Online Extra: Full-length interview with Alex Bennet

What's hot this year?

Data-centric pilots in the works for DOD services

Net-centricity plan puts data up front

The dirt on clean data

Turning data into knowledge is the challenge

Seize the data

Deals & Deadlines

OMB memo fuels debate over cataloging

Azmi defends plans for new system

The FBI's Sentinel is under close watch

Feds to spend $1 billion on new airwaves

XBRL holds promise for sleuths at SEC

CIO Council sets rules for Core.gov


And another thing...

THE COMMUNITY: Park Service interns create Korean-language Web site

PACKET RAT: After open-source effort, Mass. CIO is out of the game

Techincal Difficulties


Servers with more memory

Protecting airwaves

Windows and Common Criteria...

WebMethods and Common Criteria

Compliance management steps up

Microsoft does CRM

Software of the future


Hackers are ready for IPv6'are you?

Will IPv6 networks be ready to handle government's needs?

Realizing the benefits of IPv6 will take time

INTERNAUT: I came, I saw, I Wiki'd

Metadata among 2006 IT priorities

To tag or not to tag