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Volume 25 Issue 17 June 26 2006


How we test power consumption

Gateway E-6500D

Lenovo ThinkCentre A52

Alienware MJ-12 7550a

Sony Vaio VGC-RC210G

Dell OptiPlex GX620

Can't stand the heat? Get the right desktops


Telework Investment 101

OFPP gets ready to move beyond Safavian

VA's IT centralization could slow security fixes

DOD cross-trains info-sharing technology

Committees weigh Alaskan Native rule change

Intel forum breaks new ground

Oasis OKs standard

Hacker breaks into USDA system; data may be stolen

Telework advocates: VA case a breach of policy, not tech

DOD gets on the telework bus

GPO mulls offering HSPD-12 services

HSPD-12 hits a critical stretch

DHS Special Report | Component approach aiding IT infrastructure consolidation

DHS Special Report | Dept. getting a handle on procurement

DHS Special Report | Communications are key to SBInet's success

DHS Special Report | From gizmos to tactical infrastructure

DHS Special Report | Coast Guard secures facilities with biometrics, RFID system

DHS Special Report | Authentication, ID are in the cards

DHS Special Report | Can DHS meet IT cybersecurity expectations?

DHS Special Report | Integration takes root


And another thing...

THE COMMUNITY: Contracting, from the top

The Packet Rat | Once more, unto the breach

Warren Suss | Networx and the Future of GSA


Robert Gellman | @Info.Policy:The ills of sharing health network data

Editor's Desk: Telework temptation


Ecora's IT management freebie

Cross-platform comms

Ajax and 508 compliance

Application security gets serious

IPv6 security from edge to core

Surveillance in your pocket


Internaut | Virtual IT helps make do with less

FAA maps hurricane damage

Converged networks: You can't use what you can't find

IP convergence: Traffic jam at the on ramp