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Volume 25 Issue 30 October 9 2006


For the Dolphin, rough roads mean smooth sailing

REM Security Management Console

Hercules Vulnerability Management 4.0

Tools for tighter networks


Major homeland security IT projects funding

DOD's BEA doesn't rock the boat

Nexus could expedite PASS card development

E-passport's first deployment

People on the move

HHS pushes pilots to rein in health care costs

GAO: DHS needs to tighten interagency contracting

CMS awards up to $1b in call center contracts

GSA issues Alliant IT services solicitations

Army logistics system is getting results

Doan's back-to-basics plan for GSA

Negotiations renew hope for e-gov

Congress takes it easy on DOD budget

Budget 2007: Where spending bills stand

Border security is the star of DHS budget

Living life on the list

House gives urgency to IT security

EIV keeps data secure but accessible

GCN executives of the year

True to form

The PostNewsweek Tech Media Hall of Fame

2006 industry leaders

Tool puts radio assets on the map

GovPay adopts shared-services provider model

Program pays off (without interest)

CRC benefits from nimble organization

Engineering a safety net

SSA takes claims appeals online, too

Case files travel lighter, faster

Project leader gets firsthand experience

Military systems in the pink

How Pa. secures data on the Web

Services hit home

Google Earth gives flight control a new dimension

Air traffic control on the fire line

Inside the federal teller's cage

Take it to the bank

System starts with authentication

Stamp of approvals


And another thing...

The Packet Rat | In data theft stories, something is missing

COMMUNITY: Go to commercial

Warren Suss | Another View: Software as a service

Robert Gellman | @Info.Policy : Government should use DRM sparingly

Technical Difficulties

Wyatt Kash | Editor's Desk: Blog power


Certified records management

SOA defined, finally

Geospatial collaboration

Darlings of the podcast age

Breeze blows through Adobe

Ruby won't trump Java


Cybereye | Authorizing devices could be worth a look

Is a targeted Web site a good thing?

e-Gobierno, en Espa'ol