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May 7, 2007


Crisis management

Just let your finger do the authenticating

Access ability


About the GCN IT Leadership Awards

George White | Turnaround on a dime

Donald Reid | Foreign Service

Ginger Price | 'I can give my life'

Larry Padgett | Real School Spirit

Apollo Teng | A Place for Everything

Peter Tseronis | Transition Leader

Lewis Shepherd | Mind's Eye on the Future

Lily Kamikihara | A Quiet Authority

Sam Sumwalt | Continuity Planner

Chris Kluckhuhn | Calculated Risk

Java coders get Groovy language

Expert Advice

NIST issues RFID guidelines on security

Energy Star turns up the heat on data centers

A Western power

NIST puts its security guidelines in one basket

Security Games

States partner with Google

Cracks in the air

IBM launches SOA institute

Spyware goes mobile

NIH updates grants submission client

Research team sets new record for IPv6 transmission

GPO dives into digital future


Technicalities | Wrong way

GCN at 25: NASA's expanding storage universe

R. Fink | Direct hardware sales are Texas toast

Bill Jackson | Industry faces up to NIST challenge for better biometrics

Michael Daconta | Standards: See the forest and the trees

Wyatt Kash | Over the hurdles


Global mobile Web conference

Energy-saving memory

Tableau adds to its analytic toolkit

Appian tabbed for Army portal work

Planning for interruptions

Blind etiquette

Economies of ink

Keep your eyes on the flyer

You will conform


Smarter than smart

DISA plugs into on-demand