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2009 GCN Awards cover

October 12, 2009

Making IT work: 21 project teams moving government IT forward, plus four leaders who changed the IT rule book

GCN Awards

GCN Awards: Previous government executives of the year

Making an impact with IT

Necessity was the mother of many of DISA's apps

MC4 takes rugged approach to hardware

CIO Council set up Data.gov in two months, and third parties are putting the data to use

Techipedia's development was a rapid, if sometimes rough, ride

CJIS system uses enterprise architecture, sign-on security to link law enforcement

Project at a Glance: Data.gov

Robert Carey steers the Navy to its 'new normal'

Utah finance sites get up and running on a slim budget, using open-source tools

Defense Technical Information Center's forums allow information sharing at various classification levels

CBP's border system tests include a drive-through sandbox

Project at a glance: Defense Health Patient Movement Items Tracking System

Data.gov sets requirements on privacy, quality and security

Consolidated ID cards and automated checkpoint systems streamline the flow at border crossings

Project at a glance: DODTechipedia Suite

Project at a glance: National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program

DISA makes 50 applications available for others to use and improve

Army's MC4 comprehensive electronic medical records help improve care for the wounded

Project at a glance: FBI National Data Exchange

Library develops tools to bag and tag data for large file transfers

Utah uses Web sites to meet public demand for transparency

Project at a Glance

DOD bar code/database system proved inexpensive to develop and easy to use

Behind the scenes, James Lewis helped bring cybersecurity to the fore

Honorable Mentions: 10 projects worth watching

Project at a glance: Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative

Martha Dorris propels GSA into a new-media age

Project at a glance: DISA's Open Source Corporate Management Information System

Entity resolution helps FBI's N-Dex system connect the dots

After a switch to Linux, IT shop modernizes 15-year-old Cobol system without altering code

Library of Congress preservation program works with millions of items, terabytes of data in a full spectrum of formats

Moving to Linux, modernizing software helps USPS lower computing costs

Project at a glance: U.S. Postal Service's Product Tracking System upgrade

Tom Davis made the connection between technology and reform

Project at a glance: Army Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care


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