Strategic Report: Cybersecurity

Special Report: Cybersecurity

Modernizing Cybersecurity

The sheer complexity of federal IT systems and networks, along with a shortage of skilled technical talent, a lack of coordinated leadership and legislation have all contributed to creating create complex and perilous federal cybersecurity challenges.

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Catalyst for Transformation

The U.S. State Department deployed a digital dashboard to monitor a key unclassified network of 5,000 routers and 40,000 servers that support 285 foreign posts, and automated data collection has enabled the department to implement risk-based scoring, reducing risk on the network by 93 percent.

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Tracking the Renovation

By next November, federal departments and agencies must use an online data collection tool to file fiscal 2010 FISMA reports, eliminating paper filings and underscoring the administration’s determination to drive continuous monitoring and automation into federal IT organizations.

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A Cybersecurity Crisis Looms

U.S. security officials maintain the country's cyber-defenses are not up to the challenge, party due to a severe shortage of computer security specialists and engineers with the skills and knowledge necessary to do battle against would-be adversaries.

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Implementing Continuous Monitoring

To help government organizations striving to incorporate automated, continuous monitoring, State Department CISO John Streufert offers several suggestions, such as honing in on the worst specific attack vectors, rather than trying to monitor everything that comes across the network.

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