Strategic Report: Web 3.0 Tools

Web 3.0 Tools

Tracking the Stimulus

In the effort to make government information more open and accountable, there’s no better example public sector organizations can draw from than, which was set up by the current administration to follow the ongoing impact of the president’s economic stimulus plan

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Understanding How Web 3.0 Works

With only 10 weeks to complete’s redesign, engineers needed a robust solution that could meet all of the government's security and governance requirements and still be flexible and scalable enough to meet the needs of the entire U.S. population.

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Winning Results Via Web 3.0 has won wide-ranging recognition, and for anyone who has spent significant time scouring government websites for information, the site has been dubbed the clearest, richest interactive database ever produced by the American bureaucracy.

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Q&A with David Eaves

David Eaves, author, adjunct professor, public policy entrepreneur, open government activist provides insights for government organizations as they work to find new ways to incorporate online social media tools to better serve their constituencies.

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Advice to Aid Migration Efforts

Organizations are turning to service providers to run their Unified Communications systems, saving themselves integration and maintenance headaches while avoiding technology lock-in. 

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