Alliant/AAS partnership remains strong

AAS markets, manages Alliant to GSA's customer agencies

GSA’s Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS) and the Alliant program are close partners in delivering information technology solutions and services to government agencies.

AAS provides agencies with a variety of acquisition, project management and financial management services on information technology and professional services projects. As part of its acquisition services, AAS may help agencies find the right contracting vehicle, such as Alliant. Thus far, approximately 50 percent of Alliant’s business has come through AAS.

“We envision being a primary user of Alliant,” said Jim Ghiloni, director of business operations for AAS. “We value the relationship with the program office. They are very responsive. They are our flagship vehicle for the next five years.”

AAS is a fee-based organization. Its fees depend on a number of factors, such as the level of support the customer wants and the complexity of the project. AAS is not trying to make a profit, and so it just charges enough to cover its costs, Ghiloni said. “We try to be flexible to accommodate our customer’s requirements,” he said.

AAS, which has about 300 people in the organization, can support any part of the acquisition life cycle, such as defining requirements, writing a statement of work, conducting the acquisition, awarding the contract, and providing post-award contract administration and project management support. Although AAS typically supports the entire life cycle of the acquisition, it will support individual stages as well. About $4 billion in business flows through AAS each year, Ghiloni said.

Although Alliant and AAS work closely together, agencies that use Alliant do not have to use AAS if they want to manage their projects themselves. Similarly, agencies that use AAS do not have to use Alliant as their contracting vehicle.

Still AAS and Alliant are often well matched to meet agencies’ needs. Ghiloni cites many reasons why Alliant is attractive to agencies: its annual fee of 0.75 percent is capped at $150,000; its scope is comprehensive and flexible enough to accommodate any type of IT services projects; it has a strong stable of contractors; and it is easy to use, which helps AAS be more efficient and deliver quality solutions more quickly.

“We can use Alliant for everything from relatively small task orders that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to large billion-dollar task orders,” Ghiloni said.

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