5.0 Medical

5.1 Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4)
Fort Detrick, MD
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Project Summary
MC4 integrates, fields, and supports a comprehensive medical information system, enabling lifelong Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), streamlined medical logistics, and enhanced situational awareness for Army tactical forces. By accomplishing this mission, MC4 is providing the Army’s solution to presidential and congressional objectives, set forth by Title 10 in 1997, which called for a medical tracking system for all deployed Service members.

MC4 is a ruggedized system-of-systems containing medical software packages fielded to tactical medical forces throughout the combat zone and in the United States. Comprised of Joint software, commercial and Government-Off-the-Shelf (GOTS) products, MC4 provides the tools needed to digitally record and transfer critical medical data from the foxhole to the field hospital and ultimately, to US medical facilities.

Deployable medical forces use the MC4 system to gain quick, accurate access to patient histories and forward casualty resuscitation information. The system also provides units with automated tools facilitating patient tracking, medical reporting, and medical logistical support. COCOMs worldwide use the MC4 system to access medical surveillance information, resulting in enhanced medical situational awareness.

Most importantly, MC4 is helping deployed Service members. By equipping deployed medical units with automated resources, MC4 helps ensure Service members have a secure, accessible, lifelong EMR, which results in better-informed health care providers and easier access to Veteran’s Affairs (VA) medical benefits.

Managing the DoD’s first and most comprehensive battlefield medical recording system, MC4 has enabled the capture of more than 15 million electronic patient encounters in the combat zone. MC4 has also trained 53,000 deployable medical staff and Commanders, and fielded 44,000 systems to 750 units with medical personnel, to include Stryker brigades, ARNG, and Reserves, and all active divisional units throughout 19 countries. MC4 remains the most widely-used, comprehensive information management medical system on the battlefield.