Alliant updates training

Alliant offers “Refresher Training” that provides new information and insights for experienced as well as new Alliant contract users.

“After three years, we wanted to give people updates about key acquisition and technology trends, including how the program is doing and lessons learned for using the contract,” said Mimi Bruce, Alliant Director of Client Support. The training also includes the nut and bolts of how to use the contract and the services it provides, such as Statement of Work (SOW) sample templates and the complimentary SOW reviews performed by Alliant staff to ensure that the desired work falls within scope of the Alliant contract.

The SOW sample templates, which are created from successful Alliant task orders, are especially valuable in helping agencies craft solicitations and obtain solutions addressing their specific requirements. “These are actual statements of work that have been tried and tested, and that industry has responded to, and so they very useful to our clients,” said Paul Martin, Contracts Branch Chief for Alliant.

Ordering Contracting Officers must take the training (approximately 90 minutes) to obtain the Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) to use Alliant, but program officials and high-level agency staff also attend the training sessions. Since the Alliant vehicle was launched in May 2009, the program has trained more than 2,000 people and issued more than 700.

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