New director sets strategic agenda for IT Schedule 70


Ely“It’s a new day in IT Schedule 70,” says Kay Ely, who took over as Director of the IT Schedule 70 Programs in September 2011. Bringing extensive public and private-sector experience in federal IT acquisition, Ely has ambitious plans to streamline and strengthen the $16.2 billion Multiple Awards Schedule programs. Prior to joining the General Services Administration’s IT Schedule 70 Programs, Ely served as the Chief Learning Officer for the Office of Personnel Management. The 11-year veteran of the Senior Executive Service spoke with FCW Magazine about her goals for the coming year.

FCW Magazine: What is the primary mission of GSA’s IT Schedule 70 Programs?

Kay Ely: The IT Schedule 70 Programs’ mission is to provide our customers with contracts for commercial IT products, services, and solutions that promote trusted partnership and allow them to focus on their core missions. We bring the latest technologies that are available in the marketplace to our customers, and we do that with competitive prices.

FCW Magazine: You coined the motto, “It’s a new day in IT Schedule 70,” shortly after becoming director. What message are you trying to communicate?

Ely: I want everyone to know that we listen to our customers and we listen to industry. There are a lot of things from their perspective that we need to do differently, and so we are listening and stepping up to that challenge. We also are reviewing business processes, and I am trying to balance the workload so our people can be more efficient and effective.

So “A new day in IT Schedule 70” is helping me communicate to my staff and the community at large that we really are going to do things differently. For customers, we are here to meet your needs so you can meet your mission.

FCW Magazine: How do you ensure that Schedule 70 stays current and incorporates the latest technologies and solutions?

Ely: We have an opportunity to converse with our industry partners and learn from them. They are as anxious to support our customers as we are. We also keep a close watch on industry trends. We have a dedicated staff that monitors innovations and updates to existing products, as well as government mandates that impact the IT marketplace. We track new advancements and make sure we have the products, services, and solutions to meet our customer needs.

FCW Magazine: What are you doing to improve communication with industry?

Ely: Already, I have had several meetings with our industry partners. I have encouraged my staff to have more dialogue with industry. I want to go back to holding [regular] meetings with industry. I am a big proponent of having open communications and dialogue with industry, and so you’re going to see more of that.

FCW Magazine: What should agencies look for from IT Schedule 70 in the coming year?

Ely: Agencies are going to see an even more customer-centric focused organization that is clearly aligned organizationally to meet their needs. I am also going to personally reach out to potential customers and the agency contacts that I have. And we will have more communication with our stakeholder community, including industry.

We’re going to make it easier and faster to get needed technologies on the Schedule, and we’re going to make sure customers can have ease of use. We’re also going to provide more visibility into pricing and ensure that we are providing the best price for our customers. And we’re going to be more market savvy and focused on the latest technology. Ultimately, we’re here to serve the American taxpayer.

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