Meeting Agencies' Needs for 'Everything IT'


Agencies can obtain IT services for virtually all of their technology requirements through NITAAC’s newly awarded CIO-SP3 and CIO-SP3 Small Business contracts. Agencies have just begun issuing task orders through the new contracts, but work performed under the predecessor CIO-SP2i contract illustrates the broad scope of NITAAC contracting vehicles, as well as the deep expertise of its contract holders. Here are two examples:

Air Force—Continuity of Operations

Under an Air Force task order worth an estimated $13.7 million over six years, SRA worked with headquarters Air Force to enhance and strengthen the Air Force’s continuity program to ensure that mission essential functions continue unabated during a national security emergency or contingency affecting operations at its primary facilities. The task order encompassed eight of CIO-SP2i’s nine task areas. Under the contract, SRA provided expert policy and planning support, as well as exercise support, training, administration, facility/site management and IT operations.

Beginning in 2003, with support from ICF Consulting, SRA established a state-of-the-art, integrated Continuity of Operations (COOP) Management System. The system included a robust emergency notification service, an online learning management system and a customized COOP roster management tool. These integrated applications provided the Air Force verified confidence that deployment teams were "ready now" in the event of any emergency.

Following the implementation of the COOP Management System, SRA was also tasked with developing the requirements, administration and testing of the Key Personnel Locator (KPL) system for the Air Force. The KPL provided AF leadership and operation centers in the Air Force with up-to-date location and status of all senior leaders and their delegates, including commanders and vice commanders of major Air Force commands.

Department of Agriculture—Multiple IT Services

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) awarded A-TEK, a small business under CIO-SP2i, a task order requiring IT services in all nine CIO-SP2i task areas. Under the task order, A-TEK provided the department Information Technology Service Delivery, Support, and Operations for the USDA Departmental Management, Managed Services (DM-MS), Washington Communications and Technology Services (WCTS), Computer Services Branch (CSB) and Washington Network Services Branch (WNSB) in the following areas:

• Manage ENTLAN, Help Desk and Desktop, Network, Security and Video Operations

• Manage, Maintain and Design HQ-MAN network

• Manage and Optimize electronic messaging operations

• Develop, maintain and optimize applications, databases, and Websites

• Maintain, monitor and support HQ-MAN network routers, switches, VoIP infrastructure, IPtv infrastructure, video conferencing infrastructure, Wireless infrastructure

• Provide ENTLAN and HQ-MAN security, oversight, and resource management

• Develop, implement, and maintain Continuity of Operations

• Provide business continuity and resiliency in case of system interruptions; remote access to ENTLAN and HQ-MAN resources; LAN cable maintenance; installation and maintenance for Broadband/Video Distribution Manage ENTLAN; Help Desk and Desktop, Network, Security and Video Operations

A-TEK is now a contract holder on the CIO-SP3 full-and-open contract.

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