5.0 Acquisition


5.1 AcqBusiness
Alexandria, VA

Project Summary
AcqBusiness develops Enterprise solutions and provides data management services that support acquisition community needs. These capabilities enable consistent, effective, and efficient conduct and oversight of acquisition tasks. The planning and development of additional capabilities are ongoing with prototyping, user involvement, and capability distribution via a modern and scalable net-centric architecture as core elements of the program strategy.

The AcqBusiness program consists of a continuing series of enterprise software projects developed to assist acquisition personnel in conducting business. AcqBusiness collaborates with their Combat Developer, Performance Assessment and Root Cause Analysis (PARCA), and the Army acquisition community to identify Enterprise business requirements and develops solutions that meet critical needs. To date, the program has fielded a substantial infrastructure and variety of functional IT tools and services providing an Enterprise, service-oriented, business environment that brings the right information to the right people at the right time.

Products and Services
• AcqBusiness 3.0 is a framework for integrating information, processes, and applications across PM AcqBusiness and Army Acquisition community’s organization boundaries. AcqBusiness 3.0 provides Army Acquisition users with a “one-stop shop” for acquisition function and management of information.

• ASA(ALT) Executive Dashboard facilitates Army program oversight by providing Army Acquisition leaders with authoritative information to assess the health and status of the ASA(ALT) enterprise.

• MRAP Requirements Management System (MRMS) application satisfies the JPO MRAP’s need for an automated, secure, flexible and controlled solution for the efficient and effective management of the MRAP program requirements and capabilities data.

• Career Acquisition Personnel & Position Management Information System (CAPPMIS) provides Army military and civilian customers the tools to plan, manage and track their career development within the Army Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (AL&T) Workforce.
• AIM (Acquisition Information Management) provides a suite of tools to support planning, programming, management and execution of acquisition programs.

• AcqTech is an Enterprise management software solution developed to support the Army Science and Technology (S&T) community. It is composed of two main applications: a project management application and a collaboration suite.

• Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) is a suite of tools which provide digital libraries, workspaces and user controlled online content management.

• Access and Security Management Services (ASMS) is a set of tools providing centralized user authentication and role-based access control designed to simplify user management and application access.

• Web-based data services provide secure and reusable access to authoritative data reducing the need for end users to manually re-enter data from one application to another.

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