Across the public sector, government agencies are looking for new ways to access, analyze and protect data and services that are essential to their objectives. Whether they are crunching data to uncover waste, fraud or abuse in social programs or providing situational awareness to emergency responders, agencies need cost-effective solutions that deliver when it counts. Explore this site to gain information and insights on a new generation of solutions for the public sector.

Government Health and Social Programs

  • Advanced Case Management

    Download this article to learn more about the Right Servicing business model that offers more value and benefits for society, governments and social program management organizations through social, program outlay and productivity dividends. Learn More

Resource Management: Commerce, Revenue & Fiscal Management

  • Smarter Building Management

    Data and information are the new tools of facility management, but meeting the IT challenges posed by complex facilities is no easy task. With the smarter building management systems, you can gather and analyze information and make better decisions. Download this article to learn more! Learn More

  • Crossing the Sustainability Chasm

    Hit your environmental target: Creating a sustainable building that offers both substantial energy and cost savings is a challenging but reachable goal. Read the IBM® white paper for insights on sustainability initiatives from a Gartner study of 130 professionals. You’ll discover strategies, tactics and technologies that can help your agency “cross the sustainability chasm” and achieve your sustainability objectives. Learn More

Economic Vitality

  • Economic Vitality

    The convergence of technologies--cloud, big data, analytics, mobile/social collaboration, and the Internet of Things--is being called “The 4th industrial revolution.” Public sector leaders must accept opportunities for collaboration to expand the resources, skills and expertise to succeed. Download this article to learn more! Learn More

  • Smart City as a Service

    City leaders and department heads are applying descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and geospatial analytics to municipal data to make better informed decisions. By integrating all available data and applying analytics to it. Download this article to learn more! Learn More