As government agencies continue to operate and evolve in the modern age, data is what truly drives the day-to-day operations. Gathering, comprehensively analyzing and safely managing data is a critical aspect to the mission of any public sector agency—from the largest federal agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and General Accounting Office to state and local agencies. Data drives the mission of government agencies, so agencies need capable and cutting-edge solutions integrated with their business processes to manage and analyze data, whether the mission is processing healthcare and insurance data or providing time sensitive data to law enforcement agencies. The different components of this site can give you insights into the different groups of solutions targeted for specific public sector functions.

Cognitive Computing

  • People for Smarter Cities: Dublin Lab - Overarching

    Meet some of the team at IBM Research Lab and take a quick tour of some of the interesting projects pushing our cities forward. Learn More

  • Mission Possible

    For government in particular, the timing for a game changer couldn’t be better. Multiple disruptive forces are complicating the missions and operations of – and creating significant challenges for – government organizations globally. Cognitive-based systems can build knowledge, understand natural language and provide confidence-weighted responses. And these systems can quickly find the proverbial needle in a haystack, identifying new patterns and insights – something particularly relevant in complex government information environments. Learn More

Public Safety

  • Emergency Management for the 21st Century

    An infographic that shows the financial, environmental, and human costs of disasters and emergencies. The use of advanced technology can help meet escalating citizen expectations across all four phases of the emergency management cycle. Learn More

  • IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management

    The IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management offers a full range of information management, collaboration, visualization and analytics that can deliver immediate value, improve operational efficiency and provide a safer, more desirable environment. Learn More

Government Health and Social Programs

  • Single View of the Citizen Demo

    To truly improve program and personal outcomes, Social Service and Government Healthcare agencies need to develop a single view of the citizen in order to enhance service delivery, better align service offerings, improve program integrity and elevate citizen engagement. IBM’s Social Program management platform, built with analytics enables the single view of the citizen capability to happen, enabling Social and Health providers to get a more complete view of the client. This Demo walk through highlights how service providers can use the Single View of the Citizen to build insights that can be used to right size services, identify risks and improve the lives of citizens across the entire life cycle of care. Learn More

  • Government Healthcare: Citizen Centered Services Improve Outcomes

    People’s needs are complex and constantly evolving. Everything from their family situation, employment status and medical history has a bearing on health outcome. Creating insights into those factors , identifying risks and finding ways to proactively and holistically support the well-being of individuals and families helps health and social service agencies keep communities and clients healthier and more economically viable. Learn More

  • IBM Watson Health: Innovations in Care Management

    IBM Watson Health has developed care management solutions that are designed to support care managers to make better decisions with the goal of reducing costs and improving outcomes. Learn More

Resource Management: Commerce, Revenue & Fiscal Management

Improving Infrastructure Management, Resilience, Economic Vitality and Natural Resources

  • Advanced Analytics and Smarter Building Management

    Advanced analytics harbor profound possibilities for buildings, building owners, investors, tenants, cities, and the entire planet. They are enabling the aggregation of data and revealing a depth of understanding about how the building’s systems are working and how buildings are being utilized. The outcome is better decisions, greater efficiencies, learning and significantly lower costs. Learn More

  • Buildings Management Analytics Initiative

    Carnegie Mellon and IBM launch first cloud-based analytics partnership for smarter buildings. The university expects to save approximately 10 percent on utilities, nearly $2 million annually, when the IBM system is fully deployed across 36 buildings on its Pittsburgh campus. Learn More

  • Intelligent Video Analytics Overview

    Turn video images into public safety insights. IBM Intelligent Video Analytics cuts through the vast linear process of video monitoring by converting video images to data – data that can be filtered and analyzed - delivering insight into what is happening on both live and recorded video. By focusing attention on real-time events of interest and reducing forensic search times from weeks to hours or even minutes, IBM Intelligent Video Analytics makes video a far more effective tool for public safety and law enforcement. This video provides an overview of the solution Learn More

  • Carnegie Mellon Case Study: Buildings Management Analytics Initiative

    Carnegie Mellon and IBM launch the first cloud-based analytics partnership for smarter buildings. Projected to reduce energy costs by at least 10 percent and mechanical operations costs by at least 8 percent, or USD2 million annually, which savings the university can use to recoup its investment in approximately 24 months; Anticipated to encourage innovation with cloud-based deployment because the university can add or change the software solutions without further IT investment; Expected to help the university move from calendar-based to proactive, condition-based facilities management. Learn More

  • Intelligent Video Analytics Infographic

    There is more video surveillance footage than ever before. And processing that footage is problematic. Video analytics can help sort it all out. Analytic tools find details, patterns and trends within all the footage - creating insights that can help law enforcement, public safety agencies and security organizations recognize and anticipate problems. Download this informative infographic to learn more! Learn More

  • Hybrid Cloud in Government

    This white paper reviews the reasons for a hybrid approach to cloud in government and proposes a point of view of which systems and capabilities are suitable for hybrid cloud strategy. The adoption of cloud computing doesn’t mean that any and all government systems should be migrated to private or public clouds. Existing staff, skills, infrastructures and systems, can be reused, while the benefits of private and public cloud can be achieved in a way that guarantees continuity of existing standards and efforts. Learn More