Using software-defined technology and hybrid cloud resources, you have the power to deliver services using a fast, agile, integrative methodology. Learn how August Schell Enterprises and VMware work together to deliver freedom, control, and security to developers and IT professionals.


  • Cloud Foundation SDDC Cloud Foundation: The Solution for Hybrid Cloud

    When creating a Software-Defined Data Center, the goal is to operate virtually – combining compute, storage, and networking components. However this integration process requires the need for automation and streamlined management to help simplify the installation and configuration and eliminate downtime. Download this whitepaper to learn more on creating a unified SDDC platform for the hybrid cloud. Download Now

  • Cross cloud architecture Cross-Cloud Architecture: The Answer to the Obstacles of the Digital Transformation

    Cross-Cloud Architecture is a combination of software and services to give organizations freedom and control of private and public clouds. This is designed to deliver consistent deployment models, full visibility, governance, and security for all applications, whether on-premise or off-premise, regardless of the hardware platform, hypervisor, or underlying cloud. Download Now

  • Microsegmentation Why Micro-Segmentation is the A1 Way to Defend Data Centers

    Within data centers, micro-segmentation is used to ensure that communication is secure and authorized between shared resources. This is critical now that different customers and workloads are operating within the same environment. Micro-segmentation can help your organization ensure employees have the right access and block any unauthorized access between virtual machines. Download Now

  • vSphere Upgrade Infographic: Upgrading to vSphere 6.5

    Many IT managers are continuing their digital transformation and moving their organization forward by migrating to VMware vSphere 6.5. Here are the top ten reasons why your organization should upgrade to improve your digital workplace. Download Now

  • VMware Credits Using Your VMware Professional Service Credits

    Do you have VMware professional service credits and don't know what to do with them? Your unused credits can be used to utilize the August Schell professional service team, which is highly skilled and experienced in VMware from assessments to residencies. Download Now

  • AppDefense AppDefense: Finding the Good vs. Chasing the Bad

    At VMware’s VMworld Conference this past summer, Pat Gelsinger VMware’s CEO, introduced a new security offering called AppDefense. Rather than “chasing bad”, it flips the problem around and identifies the “known good” state of an application and its interactions with related components to create a blueprint or manifest that declares a proper operational model. Download Now