SEWP at Your Service

Agencies using the NASA SEWP contract to buy commodity hardware, software, networking and telecommunications equipment and services know they can quickly and efficiently resolve virtually any question or concern they have. In fact, that’s why SEWP has been such a popular GWAC for the past two decades.

When it comes to customer service, SEWP Program Manager Joanne Woytek leaves no stone unturned. That’s why, besides the standard FAQs, forms, documents, and live chat, SEWP has a 50-person customer service team ready to step in and help at a moment’s notice. That team can help with everything from setting up a contract and figuring out how to get the products you need to submitting quotes and troubleshooting.

To understand the basics of SEWP, including what’s available and how to use SEWP’s online tools, SEWP offers free onsite training, as well as training via WebEx and video. More advanced training also is available. Over the years, the SEWP team has also developed a set of user-friendly tools to help with market research, submitting and tracking quotes, researching providers, and developing an agency catalog. These tools make it fast and simple to use SEWP.

  • The Quote Request Tool (QRT) is an online tool for submitting a request for availability and pricing information from contract holders. It automatically factors in scope, availability and Fair Opportunity Compliance, so agencies don’t have to worry about the details. Instead, they can focus on submitting quote requests and keeping track of their orders. The tool also flags users when there is an issue with the contract, manufacturer, or specific products.
  • The Market Research Tool (MRT) lets users search by product or provider, then use that information to create a Request for Information (RFI) with the QRT. The MRT also helps users request that SEWP add specific products or providers to the system—something the SEWP team can address within an hour in most cases.
  • The GSS Catalog Tool is SEWP’s strategic sourcing tool. The Government-wide Strategic Solutions (GSS) for Desktops and Laptops, version 3 which was completed June 2017, provides three pre-configured, pre-competed desktops and the same number of laptops. Agencies can search for the lowest price on these pre-configured units and quickly and easily buy those with the lowest price.
  • The Provider Lookup Tool is a searchable online list of SEWP providers with details about their companies, the products on contract, and pricing. Users can search by keyword, product names, company, or providers.
  • Agencies can work with the SEWP program office to create their own personalized Agency Catalog, which lists reoccurring products or services required by the agency, along with established pricing. This relatively new offering saves time for agencies by eliminating the need to search through the entire SEWP catalog every time it needs those products or services.
  • SEWP also provides 22 reports to help agencies track purchases. Reports are available at the agency level and product classification level. Reports also are available on how well agencies are meeting FITARA requirements and other government initiatives.

Along with the tools and personalized service the SEWP program office provides, agencies can expect whatever help they need from enterprising contract holders. CDW-G, for example, which holds the record on the number of SEWP contract awards, provides agencies with access to a highly trained program management staff.

One of CDW-G’s most helpful tools for agencies is its SEWP website. The easy-to-use site lets users search for available products and pricing. For micro-purchases—orders of less than $3,500 that don’t require competition—users can simply add items to a cart and buy them quickly, without quotes required via e-mail or phone.

“We do what it takes to be responsive to our customers’ needs,” says Carroll Genovese, CDW-G’s program manager for SEWP.