• Mobility and Cloud Strain Legacy Networks

    Federal agencies are deep in the throes of change, driven by mandates to increase mobility and embrace the cloud. In many cases, existing networks can’t accommodate growing demands. These challenges are causing many agencies to rethink their existing network strategy to address supporting real-time applications, increasing security, improving application performance, providing access to public cloud computing services, and reducing cost. Read More Here

  • Application Management: A New Paradigm

    Today’s applications must be able to work across different types of networks and be accessible by any device, located anywhere in the world. Application Delivery Controllers are network appliances that balance application workloads to help ensure applications are always available, secure and performing optimally. They also monitor server health and accelerate application delivery. Read More Here

  • Create a Truly Secure Network

    Government agencies are often using the same network technologies and techniques for years. Fully protecting federal networks requires a more comprehensive approach that involves securing remote access for mobile and third-party users, securing data at rest, implementing network and host segmentation, and employing multilayer security to improve availability. Read More Here

  • Data Center Consolidation: It's the Network's Turn

    Agencies often focus on server and storage reduction and virtualization to address consolidation requirements. The network remains a distant third, although a virtualized, software-based networking model also addresses these. Network virtualization typically requires two technologies—software-defined networking and network function virtualization. Read More Here

  • Manage App Delivery for Next Gen Data Centers and Hybrid Cloud

    The current approach to building networks and data centers is outdated. Today’s world is filled with heightened mission demands that place an increased burden on agency’s IT departments to adapt without an increase in budget. Key trends that are driving an increase in mission demands are mobility, cloud, security, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and the rise of Dev Ops app methodologies. Read More Here