Modern technology solutions can help government departments across the board operate and integrate more efficiently, providing better service and reducing cost.

As technology continues to drive the business of government, it is easing operations on many fronts. Managing the operations of state and local government is not unlike managing a multinational company. There are myriad departments all with their own requirements and parameters. From the critical aspects of ensuring child safety and welfare to maintaining physical and cyber security to building physical plant operations, there are technology solutions that can help streamline operations. Ultimately, the goal is to improve the quality of government services and drive economic success, while continuing to reduce costs.


  • Citizen-Centered Service Delivery networking (Joe Techapanupreeda/

    This paper explores Citizen-Centered Service Delivery and concepts that provide government an opportunity to: provide good service when it's needed; lower cost of delivery that is incurred toay; and achieves improved outcomes for individuals, their family and the country as a whole. Download Now

  • Single View of the Citizen: Helping Case Workers Optimize the Delivery of Social Services worker at computer with smartphone (HAKINMHAN/

    Through analytics, and cognitive computing, case workers can right size social services by getting a more complete view of the citizen, better understanding needs, risks and coverage gaps through the life cycle of care. With data driven insights that can help uncover hidden patterns, caseworkers can provide better service recommendations based needs and qualifications. Download Now

  • Better Results for Citizens through Better Insights data science (chombosan/

    Help children, elderly, and their families get the services they need through life’s challenges. Using cognitive computing can help better serve families through challenges in areas such as housing, education, parenting, medical/mental health, and aging. By using a collaborative approach, you can help make a difference. Download Now

  • What Child Welfare Caseworkers Need to go Mobile mobile management

    The average caseworker only spends about 18 percent of their time in face-to-face contact with children and families. Mobile access to case management systems, information, assessment and referral capabilities, and other tools could go a long way toward reducing the caseload and workload. Download Now

  • Addressing Social Determinants and Their Impact on Healthcare Improving search across clinical trials

    This Executive Overview examines the social determinants of health and the benefits associated with taking a holistic approach to health care that includes addressing these determinants. And it also discusses the implications that taking a smarter approach to care has for policy makers. Download Now


  • The Changing Face of IT Security in the Government Sector cybersecurity

    As the digital and the physical realms have grown more connected over the last several years, cyber threats to the government sector have become a growing concern. Globally, during 2015, IBM Managed Security Services observed a 36% increase in security incidents affecting the average government client organization. Coupled with reports of massive government breaches in 2016, these findings underscore a need to draw attention to threats targeting governments. Download Now

  • IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management What to consider in a modern storage network

    IBM® Smarter Cities® Emergency Management solutions incorporate a range of best-of-breed technologies from IBM and IBM Business Partners to address the emergency management challenges facing cities. These solutions assist cities in collecting, consolidating, analyzing, visualizing and distributing critical information among multiple agencies and first responders. Download Now

  • The Economy of Security: How Physical and Cyber Security Drive Economic Vitality Local Ohio officials prep gigabit broadband for economic development (ShutterStock image)

    This paper covers the connection between economic vitality and security. It also explains how security solutions can help government agencies drive economic vitality for their regions with security intelligence. Download Now

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