These days, government agencies face a variety of cyberthreats and other potential disruptions. They need a unified solution to proactively protect data and preserve operational continuity across private, public, and hybrid clouds. This platform must not only provide security, but also compliance, automation and flexibility to ensure agencies can continue to deliver on their mission in the face of any disruption.


  • IoT cloud (By TW Stocker/ Proactive, Predictable Resiliency for AWS

    Cloud has been the next “big thing” in IT since virtualization, and given that it is now happening for organizations around the world, cloud has taken the technology world by storm. Businesses are accelerating their move to the cloud as a key element of their digital strategy, whether as a permanent base of operations or transitional target for their business services. Learn More

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    As your business adopts public, private or even hybrid clouds, it is necessary to ensure that your business uptime doesn’t get adversely affected. Done correctly, your resiliency strategy can be a critical differentiator for your business. Learn More

  • Transform Business Uptime with Unified Resiliency

    Organizations rely on hundreds if not thousands of applications across public, private and hybrid clouds for smooth business operation. These applications typically get segmented into tiers based on importance to the business. Service Level Objectives such as Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) are set based on how much downtime the application can afford and how much data can be lost. Learn More

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    Businesses are rapidly expanding beyond traditional data center boundaries into the cloud. As business-critical workloads and data get increasingly run on diverse platforms and across multiple data centers and hybrid clouds, it is imperative for organizations to maintain constant availability of key applications and data, while keeping pace with the transformation and ensuring business service level objectives are met. Learn More

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    We are more dependent on data and IT services than ever before. With that fact in mind, it is safe to say that backup alone, while extremely important, isn’t enough. Organizations must proactively deploy a resiliency and availability technology that will work in complement with the restoration and preservation capabilities of their other data protection solutions—and simultaneously cater to current and future technologies in and out of the data center. Learn More

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    The Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP) helps to ensure resiliency for all applications across public, private and hybrid clouds with a single solution to cost efficiently meet all uptime service objectives. Learn how this updated technology reduces any impact on the virtual machines within the environment and provides an enhanced approach for replication in this demo presentation. Learn More