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State and local government agencies continue adopting new and emerging technologies at a rapid pace. They’re looking to modernize their IT infrastructure, streamline internal operations, control costs, and deliver expanded and improved services to their citizens to better fulfill their mission. Agencies are moving to cloud platforms, embracing modern IT service models like Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service, and even moving to open source software. These steps all contribute to continued modernization efforts.


  • Increase Value and Reduce Total Cost of Ownership and Complexity with Oracle PaaS

    There are myriad options for government agencies moving to the cloud. Moving applications and workloads to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform can help with the associated costs and provides and relatively straightforward solution. The right IaaS platform can help reduce total cost of ownership and streamline operations while integrating with existing solutions. Learn More

  • Transforming Data Management

    Government agencies continue to gather data at a dizzying pace. Data management and deriving value from those data stores is a significant challenge, especially as agencies continue to migrate operations to the cloud. Partnering with a dependable solution like Oracle can deliver advanced functionality such as in-memory databases to drive data analytics and improved agility, elasticity, and reduced costs. The Oracle platform is also designed for the cloud and can ensure a smooth migration. Learn More

  • Guide to MySQL in Government

    Government agencies are adopting new technologies more than ever, including moving to open source software. MySQL is one of the most popular open source databases. More frequently, there is a MySQL database is driving agency mission critical services and applications. And while moving to open source has numerous benefits and challenges, making the right advance preparations and ensuring in-house expertise is in place can help agencies with their open source adoption; realizing all the potential benefits while mitigating any risk. Learn More

  • Using Software as a Service for Innovative Government

    As state and local government agencies continue their efforts to modernize and update their IT infrastructure to streamline operations, reduce costs, and deliver better citizen services, many are finding the Software as a Service (SaaS) model to be effective. Moving to a SaaS platform reduces the management burden on IT, improves access and scalability, reduces cost, and can actually increase security. Learn More

  • Four Questions to Ask When Moving to the Cloud

    There are a lot of decisions to be made when considering a migration to the cloud. While it does require advance planning, it doesn’t have to be unnecessarily complex. When approaching a cloud provider to finalize a plan, asking the right questions can help ensure a successful migration. Be ready to ask: • How will you ensure data security? • How do you help with procurement? • How can you help streamline the transition to a licensing model? • How will you help with implementation? Learn More