Modern enterprises continue to embrace the cloud. Adoption of hybrid cloud platforms provide flexibility for organizations to move workloads to the most suitable platform. While most organizations’ actual strategies and tactics remain relatively unknown, Red Hat recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to take a deep dive into cloud strategies and migration processes. Most organizations are reporting positive results, with hybrid cloud the leading choice among organizations that are putting cloud strategies into action.


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  • Cloud Migration Is Actively Embraced, But Not for Everything

    More organizations are pursuing migration strategies, finding ways to overcome traditional barriers to cloud migration. RedHat commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine those migrations, finding that companies are moving to the cloud on an application by application basis. The primary driver of those implementations is cost, with cloud adopters saying migration is a fiscally responsible strategy. Download Now

  • Hybrid Cloud: An Obvious Reality or A Conservative Strategy?

    Details of modern enterprises’ cloud migrations have been hard to come by. RedHat commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine cloud migration strategies and found that organizations tend to match methods to workloads, foregoing large-scale migration efforts. Drivers of migration methods are cost, performance, flexibility, and speed. Download Now

  • Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Dummies

    Moving to a hybrid cloud is the most popular option for cloud migration. This may seem more like a complex strategy, yet it is one that provides the flexibility needed to move workloads to the most suitable platform. A viable hybrid cloud strategy must encompass identification of cloud strategy goals and challenges, preparation of workloads, consideration of architectural flexibility, and adoption of a phased approach. Download Now