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  • Application Delivery Infrastructure for Multi-Cloud Enterprises

    This report identifies emerging strategies and technology requirements for load balancers, application delivery controllers, and cloud-native software. It also looks at how the recent COVID-19 global health crisis is triggering infrastructure investments to support long-term changes in work styles. Download Now

  • 2020 Remote Work From Home Cybersecurity Report

    Learn tips for the success of ITSM tools as a solution to IT service management has resulted in its capabilities being extended to business-centric use cases. Download Now

  • Report: SANS Remote Workers Poll

    This SANS poll shows how quickly and effectively we have adapted to working from home in technology-based professions during a time of crisis. Download Now

  • 2020 Zero Trust Report

    This 2020 Zero Trust Progress report shows how enterprises are implementing Zero Trust security in their organization and reveals key drivers, adoption, technologies, investments and benefits. Download Now

  • Zero Trust Secure Access Checklist

    As organizations seek more effective ways to combat cyberthreats, a new category of security solutions is gaining traction. Known as security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), these platforms are designed to make diverse security tools and systems work better together to accelerate threat response and improve security operations center (SOC) efficiency. Download Now

  • The UK Access Security Report

    This Spotlight Edition focuses on UK respondents to explore how the UK is mitigating access risks versus its global peers. Learn more about current IT deployment models, access challenges, issues and impact, practices, controls and tools used to address access exposures, secure access tool usage and value, the degree of confidence respondents have in their ability to mitigate risks, how companies plan to invest to fortify access defenses and capabilities, and more. Download Now

  • 10 Priorities For Enabling Secure Access to Enterprise IT Services

    This decision guide is intended to provide actionable advice on the best practices and solutions organizations should adopt to empower end-user productivity while minimizing risk profiles when enabling secure access to business IT resources. Understand the end-user computing forces that are shaping today’s workforce performance and much more! Download Now

  • Pulse Secure Expands Zero-Trust Platform with New SDP Offering

    Read the report to discover Pulse Secure's product line, strategy, and potential competition in the Zero Trust and Software-Defined Perimeter market. Download Now