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Best Practices for Meeting Big Data Challenges

Special Report: Best Practices for Meeting Big Data Challenges

Big data is a top priority for CIOs, but few know exactly what it is – and what it can help their organizations achieve. As the creation of data has multiplied recently, IT organizations are left wondering how to manage those data stores while at the same time being asked to help the business side of the house innovate, cut costs and improve end-user satisfaction. Read this special report for in-depth articles on meeting the challenges you face as you take on "big data."

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Rugged IT

Special Report: Rugged IT

The rugged IT market is about to get a wake-up call. For a long time, both buyers and sellers alike accepted the notion that buying rugged IT means giving up a lot of features that come with standard products. But as the general IT market continues to emphasize mobility and smaller device form factors, those lower expectations are bound to be revisited.Read this special report for more on the state of Rugged IT in the public sector.

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Business Continuity

Special Report: Business Continuity

If the unthinkable were to occur and your agency had to continue providing essential services and performing essential activities, would you know what to do and where to go? In most cases, the answer is yes. Today, thanks to lessons learned from past disasters and government requirements, most government agencies and departments have some type of business continuity plan that allows them to maintain critical functions. Read this special report for more.

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The Efficient Data Center: Optimization

Special Report: A Virtual Infrastructure

The data center is evolving—and with it the concept of data center efficiency. It's not just that agencies are under pressure to consolidate and reduce the cost of their data center operations. They also are dealing with increasing demands for the applications and services they provide. The old notion of a data center—a building full of servers that can be expanded at will as the demand to host applications increased—is gone for good. The new environment, defined by perpetual budget constraints but still increasing user needs, requires data centers that deliver more computing power but also cost less to run and take up less space. Read this special report for more.

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Unified Communications

Special Report: A Virtual Infrastructure

Now more than ever, for many organizations the initial appeal of unifed communications is simple: big savings. Without a doubt, they quickly discover the other benefits of integrating voice, video and data networks, not the least of which is the ability to provide seamless communications and collaboration across the enterprise. Read this special report for insight into UC in the public sector.

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Network Transformation and Modernization

Research Report: Network Transformation and Modernization

When it comes to the network, government agencies cannot afford to pinch pennies. That’s because many emerging technologies that promise to increase the cost-effectiveness of agency operations first require a robust and agile network infrastructure. No investment, no savings. The good news is that government officials understand this. According to a new survey conducted by the 1105 Government Information Group, one third of government agencies intend to allocate more of their IT budget to network operations. The key? Implementing a strategy that improves the quality and responsiveness of network services while also reducing the cost of network management.

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A Virtual Infrastructure

Special Report: A Virtual Infrastructure

While the realized benefits of virtualization are still debated, the technology itself is gaining ground in cash-strapped agencies as a way to gain efficiencies and extend IT services to more users. The focus now is on managing the complexities of the infrastructure that supports it.

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The STAND Cybersecurity

Q&A: TheSTAND Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has emerged as a top priority for both government and industry. Three cyber experts share their views on the current issues, how threats have changed, and how budget-constrained agencies can defend against advanced persistent threats.

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Download: Big Data

Special Report: BYOD

Communications are rapidly going mobile and away from the fixed desktop, and government is heading the same way. One of the most heated debates currently is over bring your own device (BYOD), which promises a dramatic reduction in the costs agencies face to provide the equipment and infrastructure needed to enable their workforces to take advantage of the mobile communications boom.

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