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At Teradata, we have unique point of view regarding data. While others look to the latest “shiny thing” as the answer to all the world’s data needs, we believe a broader view to get the most value from ALL your data, not an arbitrary subset of data.

Upcoming TDWI Webinar Series

We’ve heard what our customers have said about the importance of data unification, integrating enterprise Hadoop and having off-premises options for cloud analytics, and have developed a webinar series with TDWI that we invite you to attend.

How Data Science is Changing the Way Companies Do Business

Focus: The role of a data scientist, how to use data science to competitive advantage, and how to get started by building or expanding your data science team.

Date: Thursday, July 17, 12pm ET, 9am PT
Speakers: TDWI Presenter Colin White will be joined by Bill Franks of Teradata
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Big Data Analytics for Better Customer Intelligence: Steps to Success

Focus: Extracting business-changing insights from your customer data by effectively applying predictive analytics, social media analytics, and more to sharpen marketing and personalization strategies.

Date: Tuesday, July 29, 12pm ET, 9am PT
Speakers: TDWI Research Director Dave Stodder will lead a panel discussion that includes Manan Goel of Teradata
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Moving analytics to the Cloud: Are you ready?

Focus: The benefits of and barriers to implementing BI and DW platforms for big data and analytics on a Cloud.

Date: Tuesday, August 5, 12pm ET, 9am PT
Speakers: TDWI Research Director Fran Halper will be joined by Ed White of Teradata
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Data Management Best Practices in the Age of Big Data and Real-Time Operations

Focus: Current thinking on how businesses can make BI/DW/DI solutions operate in real time without sacrificing data management best practices.

Date: Wednesday, September 10, 12pm ET, 9am PT
Speakers: TDWI Research Director Philip Russom will be joined by Chris Twogood of Teradata
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The Role of Hadoop in BI and Data Warehousing

Focus: Determining when to use Hadoop, how to integrate it into existing systems, and how to choose the right Hadoop products.

Date: Tuesday, September 16 at 12pm ET, 9am PT
Speakers: TDWI presenter Colin White will be joined by Chad Meley of Teradata
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