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Upcoming Webcasts

  • Digital Services: Improving the Mobile User Experience

    Cloud and related solutions are transforming how federal agencies deliver digital services, enabling them to extend those services to wherever their users might be. Mobility is a big part of that transformation, because more and more users are accessing services through mobile devices. In this webcast, a federal IT official will discuss strategies for delivering content that is readily accessible by mobile users. 06/23/2016

  • Digital Government Strategies: A New Era of Digital Services

    For years, government agencies have been looking to technology to improve their ability to deliver services to their various constituencies. But now they are really feeling the heat. Thanks to advances in the world of retail, banking, and other sectors, the idea of digital services has gone from being a novelty to being an expectation. Are government agencies ready to keep pace? That was the underlying question in a recent survey of IT professionals across federal, state and local agencies, as well as their counterparts in industry. 05/25/2016


  • Intelligent Storage Enables Next Generation Surveillance & Security Infrastructure

    Digital storage systems are being used for many massive multi camera IT systems, and storing recorded video footage becomes equally as important as recording. 1K, 4K, 8K megapixel cameras require such gigantic storage space that Network Video Recorders can hardly handle more than a handful of them simultaneously. This white paper explains how this situation can be efficiently circumvented, showing a progressive migration path from the current state of the industry’s IP video solutions, up to tomorrow’s storage centric architectures.

  • Contract Guide: Facing Down Cyberthreats with CDM

    When the Department of Homeland Security’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program was first launched several years ago, the intent was to strengthen the overall security posture for federal agency IT across the board. It hasn’t been without its challenge, but it has enjoyed some success as well. Following several very public and damaging attacks this year at the Office of Personnel Management and the IRS, the pace of this program rollout will most likely increase. There is certainly pressure to do so. The first two phases of the three-phase rollout are well underway, and phase three is beginning. Federal agencies are realizing how to integrate this into their procurement strategies and priorities.

  • The Forrester Wave™: ECM Business Content Services

    Picking an ECM provider isn't just a software investment. In a fast-changing world you need to know the platform you choose can evolve with your Agency’s needs. This independent report from Forrester Consulting will help you evaluate how Alfresco stacks up against other ECM vendors.

  • 4 Trends Disrupting Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

    The needs of Government Agencies are growing beyond the bounds of legacy ECM systems. But what’s changed in the way that citizens, Government employees and other stakeholders expect in terms of how digital records are created, shared & processed? Download this ECM eBook to learn more.

  • Meet with Anyone, Anywhere — Securely