Upcoming Webcasts

  • Understanding the Power of PaaS for Public Sector

    You’ve heard about infrastructure and software- as- a service, but do you know what Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is all about? This webinar will unlock the mystery behind the inner workings of platform services, and demonstrate how to implement new capabilities and drive better outcomes for your constituents. 01/23/2018

  • Reengineering the Permitting, Licensing, Inspections and Enforcement Process

    Agencies involved in managing and executing an oversight function—whether it involves physical infrastructure, such as facilities, utilities, equipment and policy adherence—cannot afford to rely on outdated processes or systems. The labor-intensive nature of traditional approaches (many still based on paper-based processes) can lead to loss of revenue and poor accountability. In this webcast, government industry experts will discuss how a digital, cloud-based approach can improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of the permitting, licensing, inspections and enforcement process. 10/17/2017


  • Smart Building Infrastructure

    The information network today is the circulatory system of any organization anywhere, regardless of size, geography, and mission. Because of this, organizations continue to do what is necessary to assure their networks are available, reliable, cost effective, and otherwise suited to their mission-critical role. It's essential to ask what additional elements of organizational operations might benefit from a network-centric strategy. One direction seeing broad adoption across essentially every market and application is the rise of the smart building.

  • How Your City Can Transform Into a Smart City

    Cities and municipalities across the world are taking advantage of the Internet of Things and smart city technologies to offer new resident services, reduce costs, improve safety, and even bring additional revenue into their budgets. Learn what is meant by the term “smart city” and the tremendous benefits that come with the emerging technologies. Guest speaker Ruthbea Yesner Clarke of IDC will share her insights on why and how governments implement smart city IoT strategies. She’ll go into detail about the new data that becomes available and how it leads to benefits from improved safety to new sources of revenue.

  • IDC Intelligence-Led Security

    A significant challenge for many organizations has been enabling their analysts to find the 'unknown unknown.' Whether that unknown is malware lurking within the enterprise or within slight variations in fraudulent transactions, the result has been the same: enterprises continue to fall victim to cybercrime. IBM is addressing this challenge with IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis. By pairing multi-dimensional visual analysis capabilities with powerful analytics tools, IBM is giving the analyst team an effective early-detection, cyberintelligence weapon for its arsenal.

  • The Evolving Face of Cyber Threats

    Cyberattacks are a clear and present threat to government agencies. The estimated annual global cost of cybercrime is upwards of $445B.

  • NETCENTS-2 Makes Good Business Sense