Upcoming Webcasts

  • Simplify Enterprise Mobility with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

    Simplify enterprise mobility and create engaging mobile experiences with Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service (MCS). As a Mobile Backend as a Service offering, it allows companies to deploy scalable, robust and secure mobile applications quickly and easily. This webinar will introduce MCS, which was designed from the ground up for the cloud. A live online demo will show just how quick and easy it is to create a mobile application with MCS! 05/05/2017

  • Leverage the Power of Splunk using Natural Language Search with Insight Engines

    During this webcast, you’ll learn how Insight Engines, a natural language search assistant for Splunk turns any analyst into a hunter without the tedious, time consuming training requirements. 05/02/2017


  • Snapshot Report: A New Blueprint for Digital Government

    Digital services are the future of government. Yet despite the clear need for improved digital services, agencies without a mature digital strategy simply can’t get there. To achieve a successful and sustainable transformation, services must be anchored with reliable security. Download this special report to learn the six strategies agencies should adopt to ensure digital transformations are both effective and secure.

  • Top 3 Unique Splunk Security Integrations

    Taking a holistic approach in which tools are fully integrated can strengthen and improve the overall cybersecurity posture of an organization. Agencies can even implement solutions that create a uniform experience for multiple environments where all content is synchronized to assist in the smarter use of data. Download this eBook to explore the top three unique Splunk integrations August Schell identified to help enhance the value of your agency’s security analytics program.

  • i2 Analyst Notebook Premium

    i2® Analyst’s Notebook® Premium is a rich, data-centric analytical environment that helps analysts and investigators conduct investigative analysis to combat modern, sophisticated criminal, and terrorist activity. Designed for a single user, i2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium helps reduce the time and costs associated with uncovering networks, patterns and trends that can be hidden in a mass of disparate data.

  • i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis for Cyber Threat Hunting

    Today’s cyber actors are becoming more sophisticated, agile and capable of getting past any network security. Organizations must evolve, replacing traditional defensive security strategies with a proactive, intelligence-driven offense to prevent and disrupt these threats. i2® Enterprise Insight Analysis is a next generation intelligence solution that enables organizations to incorporate cyber threat hunting into their security strategy and turn their defense into a proactive offense. It helps organizations uncover critical insights about their threats and threat actors so they can mitigate and counter more threats with a combination of multi-dimensional visualte analysis capabilities and advanced analytics.

  • Public Sector Guide to Text Messaging Policy and Retention: 2017 Edition