Upcoming Webcasts

  • Defending against Ransomware and Malware

    Government agencies, schools, healthcare and financial institutions are all under attack from criminal elements, exploiting their systems with malware and ransomware. Learn what your agency can do to prepare, mitigate, and recover from these threats, and how Nutanix can aid in your efforts. 10/29/2019

  • Understanding, Combating, and Identifying Insider Threats for Government

    There is no doubt that insider threats pose a significant risk to organizations and government agencies, as they can compromise sensitive and confidential data. Any accidental or malicious act by an employee can potentially lead to catastrophic incidents that threaten an organization’s security and reputation. The ability to identify, combat and protect against insider threats is critical to your organization’s security posture. 10/15/2019


  • Need Workstation-Class Performance and Affordability? You Can Get Both

    For years, workstations were used only for very specialized applications that required ultra-high performance and carried a high-value work product that justified a hefty price tag. But while performance demands have intensified, you may be surprised to learn that your budget can, in fact, support workstation investments.

  • Using Data Analytics to Prevent & Detect Fraud

    The sophistication and complexity of fraud schemes continue to grow and outclass conventional anti-fraud measures. Fraudsters, or people who commit corporate fraud, whether employed internally or externally, continue to develop new strategies to defraud organizations.

  • Rugged mobility: Four Mission - Critical Requirements to Keep Remote Workers Productive

    To provide users with complete ruggedized solutions, devices powered by Intel® Core™ processors need much more than extremely reliable performance in harsh working conditions. They need security, manageability, support and, when required, readily available service. That way, remote workers can stay productive no matter where they are, what they're doing or the conditions they face.

  • Get the Right Devices for Your Rugged and Field Environments

    People accomplish more with digital tools and workflows, and workforce transformation puts this concept into action by making sure employees have seamless, reliable access to the right IT - anytime, anywhere. You can ensure each one of your workers has the right device to stay efficient regardless of their workflows and environments by engaging Dell. It provides some of the world's top PCs, laptops, notebooks and 2-in-1s - plus rugged and rugged extreme tablets and laptops powered by 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors.

  • The Advantage of Deploying Dell Rugged PCs