Artificial Intelligence

  • mobile security (Production Perig/

    Automating mobile app security certification

    A pilot program has demonstrated a way to speed the expensive and time-consuming security compliance checks required for mobile apps developed or used by federal agencies.

  • machine learning

    Algorithms can be gamed, but experienced humans can help

    Researchers studying patent examiners found that machine learning is biased toward finding textually similar innovations, but domain expertise is needed to surface the most relevant prior art.

  • chatbot (Alexander Supertramp/

    States enlist chatbots for pandemic response

    Approximately three-quarters of states have chatbots helping agencies answer unemployment insurance or COVID-related questions, according to new research from the National Association of State CIOs.

  • personal medical data (metamorworks/

    AI could help solve the privacy problems it has created

    By studying previous attacks, and identifying how the attacker’s behavior deviates from the norm, artificial intelligence can flag suspicious activity.

  • data science (chombosan/

    NIH opens COVID-19 big data hub to researchers

    The National Institutes of Health launched a secure, cloud-based research hub that will apply machine learning to a massive clinical COVID-19 dataset to inform best practices for resource allocation, drug discovery and treatment options.

  • RPA (iQoncept/

    RPA takes on more services delivery

    One positive outcome of the coronavirus pandemic has been agencies’ increased ability to quickly adapt to new circumstances, thanks, in many cases, to their use of robotic process automation and chatbots to deliver internal and external services.

  • cloud migration

    Machine learning optimizes efficiency of cloud databases

    OPTIMUSCLOUD works by using machine learning to develop algorithms that help optimize cost and performance of both the virtual machine selection and the database management system options.

  • data center (ESB Professional/

    5 AIOps strategies for overcoming common IT obstacles

    By adopting AIOps platforms that infuse automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, agencies can quickly leverage toolsets to overcome complex obstacles, promote growth and sustain service for staff and constituents alike.

  • facial recognition technology (varuna/

    IBM bows out of facial recognition market

    The company announced that it will no longer sell general-purpose facial recognition or analysis software.

  • machine eye (Who is Danny/

    Robots working together tap cloud data for navigation

    Researchers have shown that autonomous robots working together can navigate unknown terrain faster than they would individually by giving them a new way to pool and analyze data gathered in real time.

  • chatbot (Alexander Supertramp/

    GSA steps from automation to AI

    Now that the General Services Administration has experience with robotic process automation, it’s looking to artificial intelligence to inject more efficiency into complex processes like contracting.

  • woman wearing surgical mask (fizkes/

    Facial recognition adapts to a mask-wearing public

    With more people wearing masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, facial recognition developers are building datasets of images featuring masked faces and upgrading existing solutions.

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