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  • data visualization (ShutterStock image)

    Advice for the incoming class of CDOs

    A new report aims to flatten the learning curve for new chief data officers.

  • open data portal

    NJ to create central open data site

    New Jersey Open Data Initiative requires agencies to publish their data on the internet so that citizens, businesses and other executive branch agencies have free and easy access to information.

  • Service level agreement (ShutterStock image)

    How to get the most out of a cloud SLA

    The Government Accountability Office outlined key practices that can help agencies ensure cloud services are performed effectively, efficiently, and securely.

  • Data Justice Network

    Platform leverages criminal justice data and expertise

    A new peer-to-peer criminal justice resource helps officials get fast and comprehensive answers to their questions about how to make better use of data to reduce incarceration and crime.

  • Can real-time transit data really be open?

    Can real-time transit data really be open?

    Variations in state and local licensing agreements can raise transaction costs, create barriers and substantially reduce the value of the data, a new report suggests.

  • Bill seeks

    Bill seeks 'track changes' feature for legislation

    The Establishing Digital Interactive Transparency Act would require each version of a bill or resolution is posted online to be in a format that allows users to track alterations made over time.

  • Relieving cloud migration headaches (ShutterStock Image)

    Relieving cloud migration headaches

    Skimping on planning, product research and testing, starting with overly ambitious goals and failing to manage internal politics and stakeholders are all recipes for failure.

  • augmented reality for training at Sandia National Laboratories (photo by Randy Montoya)

    AR-based nuclear security training

    Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have been working with augmented reality to improve security training for nuclear facilities.

  • Data insights, not ownership, will unleash innovation

    Data insights, not ownership, will unleash innovation

    The insights derived from government, commercial and public data, tools and analytics will deliver better public services with lower cost, less risk and more trust.

  • Securing IoT devices from within

    Securing IoT devices from within

    To ensure mutual authentication, a new solution uses a small chip that is preloaded with unique cryptographic codes to allow data to be transmitted more securely from an IoT device to the cloud.

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  • Making graphics accessible to visually impaired

    Making graphics accessible to the visually impaired

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