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  • smart city

    SmartCityPHL: Where data makes an impact

    Philadelphia’s innovation initiative has plans to improve food distribution, map the built environment and improve roads by breaking down data silos and facilitating cross-agency collaboration.

  • Weather data

    Bandwidth issues haunt National Weather Service

    A recent systemwide failure at the NWS College Park data center that impacted networks nationwide illustrates the agency’s struggles to supply web access for increasingly complex weather models.

  • smart city (jamesteohart/Shutterstock.com)

    Pandemic accelerated rise of smart cities

    COVID-19 and the resulting repercussions accelerated the rise of Cities 4.0, or cities that excel at cloud, smart technology and data management to achieve social, environmental and economic goals.

  • data analytics (Shutterstock.com)

    AI analysis speeds FDA drug reviews

    An artificial intelligence-based platform helping the Food and Drug Administration analyze adverse drug reports is expected to save reviewers about 7,500 hours per year.

  • emergency dispatcher (911.gov)

    Why data is driving the future of 911

    Modern, cloud-based analytics solutions provide a multidimensional snapshot of a system and the data it produces, giving public safety organizations the ability to point out a problem, understand what is contributing and develop a solution.

  • Satellite image of plantation fields. Elements of this image furnished by NASA (elRoce/Shutterstock.com)

    NASA data supports agricultural analytics

    NASA data is powering soil analytics that can deliver accurate and scalable irrigation and fertilization metrics and enable research into the impact of extreme weather events.

  • wind turbines in the ocean (Eugene Suslo/Shutterstock.com)

    NOAA signs data sharing agreement with offshore wind firm

    The agreement will foster the sharing of physical and biological data that will help NOAA meet its goals related to climate adaptation and mitigation, weather-readiness, healthy oceans and resilient coastal communities and economies.

  • High performance computing visualization at NREL

    DOE investing in machine learning tools for data analysis

    The Department of Energy is dedicating $29 million to develop new tools and advanced algorithms that will benefit multiple scientific fields and inform cutting-edge solutions for a variety of complex problems.

  • Fire in a high rise apartment building illustrates the need for indoor 911

    Z-axis tech keeps responders safe

    Vertical location services can give emergency workers vital situational awareness and help keep them safe when responding to incidents in multistory buildings.

  • laptop in front of view of city (TaMaNKunG/Shutterstock.com)

    Smart cities are built on data

    Managing a city’s integrated ecosystem means using data for the collective benefit of the city, public and private sector.

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