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  • autonomous vehicle research in virginia to ease traffic congestion

    Beltway bots: Virginia to test self-driving cars

    The vehicles will be tested on more than 70 miles of roadway in Northern Virginia – some of the most congested corridors in the United States.

  • Veterans to get virtual rehab

    Veterans to get virtual rehab

    Researchers have developed a way for patients and therapists to conduct virtual visits, evaluations and even exercises.

  • NASA awards crowdsourcing contracts

    NASA awards crowdsourcing contracts

    Ten firms will help NASA tap into global expertise.

  • DARPA researching inter-satellite communications

    DARPA researching inter-satellite communications

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking to let constellations of small satellites transfer data among themselves.

  • Size matters: Smartphones push the envelope

    Size matters: Smartphones push the envelope

    Until voice recognition technology matures, smartphone users need ways to make text easier to input.

  • Google

    Google: Let the machines remember the password

    Google’s vision for mobile authentication takes security out of the hands of humans and puts it into the devices those humans carry.

  • Drones:  Findable but not stoppable

    Drones: Findable but not stoppable

    Governments hoping to protect secure assets from unmanned aerial vehicles can find technology to help identify trespassing drones, but stopping them is another matter.

  • Mapsense aims to tame location data streams

    Mapsense aims to tame location data streams

    The company is building tools to visualize and analyze streaming location data from smartphones and sensors.

  • State CIOs get advice on drones

    State CIOs get nudge on drone policies

    The National Association of State Chief Information Officers tells state officials to put unmanned aerial systems on their radar.

  • Building the next-gen transportation network

    Building the next-gen transportation network

    Future mobility depends on having the openness and flexibility needed to build a better urban network.

  • Virtual training: Next best thing to being there

    Virtual training: Next best thing to being there

    NASA uses virtual reality training to prep astronauts for space, and the Marines reimagine their live training environments with augmented reality.

  • Is swipe technology the future of authentication?

    Is swipe technology the future of authentication?

    The technology lets users unlock devices based on the patterns of their swipe on a touchscreen.

  • smart computers on the battlefield

    Smart computers for the battlefield

    But researchers are developing tools to improve man-machine interfaces -- to the benefit of both.

  • 3d printed model of a baby

    DIY bio now possible via 3D Print Exchange

    The National Institutes of Health’s open source platform lets users search, download and share biomedical 3D print files, tutorials and educational materials.

Topic Resources

  • Transforming Customer Service: Building a Smarter Service-Oriented Workforce

    Whether a public contact center or an internal help desk, government offices managing customer service play a vital role in supporting their agencies missions. Unfortunately, many service centers lack the tools they need to deliver high-quality services in a timely fashion. In this webcast, Michelle Earley, USAJOBS Program Manager at OPM, and Stephanie Wade, Director, Innovation Lab at OPM, will discuss how they are transforming USAJOBS, the federal government's official jobs site to improve the hiring process and elevate the level of customer service that applicants receive. The transformation is comprehensive, involving the adoption of human-centered design principles, the use cloud-based DevOps to create new services, and the modernization of foundational technology, including the cloud.

  • Improve Agency Processes -- Focus Here First

    View this on-demand presentation to learn how agencies can use process improvement to put the U.S. Digital Services Playbook into action. Leading experts used real-world case studies to illustrate how Business Process Management (BPM) can help agencies save resources and meet customer expectations, regardless of location, device, or communication method.

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  • DOD launches full-scale bug bounty program

    DOD to launch full-scale bug bounty program

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