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  • how facial recognition technology works

    A closer look at facial recognition

    Facial recognition is emerging as an authentication method more accurate than passwords – but how do these systems work?

  • NASA cubesat

    NASA to give CubeSats a lift

    Anticipating launch opportunities for the mini satellites, NASA invites researchers to submit proposals for CubeSat research.

  • SiteMap on a Microsoft Surface Table

    Quick-and-easy GIS for first responders

    SituMap lets multiple users navigate maps and draw on them while collaborating on a Microsoft Surface table.

  • Mcity

    Driverless cars get a city of their own

    The University of Michigan debuts its Mcity test environment -- 32 acres designed specifically to test the potential of driverless vehicles.

  • Contracting officers: Get ready to meet your robot overlords

    Contracting officers: Get ready to meet your robot overlords

    The Air Force is looking for a cognitive computing tool to help the acquisition workforce navigate the documents and regulations associated with DOD procurement.

  • GSA names leading edge technologies

    The 10 technologies that will drive public-sector IT

    A revised list of "leading edge technologies" for the Alliant 2 contract reflects the General Services Administration's vision for near-future IT.

  • Virtual test bed for squadX

    DARPA developing test bed for squad-level tech

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has contracted for a virtual test bed for its Squad X Core Technologies program.

  • States crack down on driver

    States crack down on driver's license fraud

    States increasingly are employing facial recognition software to compare driver’s license or ID photos with other images on file.

  • Dashboard for Oakland police

    Oakland builds real-time crime apps for residents, police

    When the city’s IT team created a public-facing app for its 911 data, it simultaneously built a more detailed dashboard for officers.

  • Early signs of a HoloLens ecosystem

    Early signs of a HoloLens ecosystem

    The first HoloLens software development company launched last week, while Microsoft is offering research-and-development grants for its mixed-reality technology.

  • hoverbike

    Army moves closer to hoverbike

    A feasibility study indicated a successful performance of the Army Research Lab’s tactical reconnaissance vehicle, which will now move toward the prototype phase.

  • NASA, Microsoft team up for virtual assistance

    NASA, Microsoft team up for virtual assistance

    The Sidekick project aims to give astronauts earthbound expert assistance when and where they need it.

  • Worst-case scenarios: How new tech could disrupt government

    Worst-case scenarios: How new tech could disrupt government

    A recent Brookings Institute report highlights the challenges governments can expect from widespread adoption of new technologies such as autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence.

  • algorithms for fact checking

    Fact verification as easy as spellcheck?

    Researchers at Indiana University are working on knowledge graphs that use semantic relatedness between concepts to determine the likely truth of a statement.

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